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Works in courtyard of building No. 9 are finished!

  • calender 27.08.2019

Recently we compared the RYBALSKY renders with real photos. It`s time to see the courtyard of the building No. 9. The main works are completed here, there final flourishes and the most enjoyable part, namely, moving of the first residents to their brand new apartments.

We will tell you what has been done in the courtyard already, and share the idea, which was designed at the beginning of the project.

 The courtyard improvement concept was developed by the team of the landscape architects from the Kotsiuba Studio. They aimed not only to make it beautiful, usable and convenient for the residents of the RYBALSKY but also to create a courtyard space, which would fit the identity of the neighborhood. To interpret the fluctuation of the water lines, to combine different geometrical shapes in order to fill the territory with diversity - to emphasize clear architectural features and at the same time to add softness and smooth to the lines.

For this purpose, the architects divided the space into areas of different forms: for leisure, where benches and tables are placed, for children`s leisure with a swing and slide, for sports, where sports complexes are installed. The whole space of the courtyard has a planted land with perennial trees, grasses and shrubs: bird cherries, birches, grasses, palm sedges etc. The diverse lines create a good base for forming hills for planting and harmonious distribution between different parts of the courtyard.

The leisure area has the correct geometrical shapes and emphasizes the facade of the building. It is located in the shade, so the heat does not bother the residents when it is sunny. The main social functions will be concentrated in this part of the courtyard: neighbours will meet here, picnics will be arranged and you can go out here with a book or a tablet to watch the movie outdoors.

In the closed space you will always feel its boundaries, so the parts of the courtyard flow smoothly into each other. It is particularly noticeable through the example of bending of pedestrian paths. Along the perimeter they are paved with block stones, in the centre of the courtyard — with gravel.

Some apartments have terraces overlooking the courtyard. So, the task of the landscape designers was to provide all courtyard users with equal rights. To create a buffer zone between public and private spaces, fence the terraces with planted lands and paths. The architects of the Kotsiuba Studio have also thought out the same indentation between the areas, so that children`s or sports areas do not adjoin the terraces.

The territory of the courtyard is well illuminated. Four-meter lights have already been installed throughout the area and a built-in illumination has been installed in the benches.

 Some of the functions of the neighborhood are imposed on the boulevard: there will be a playground, routes for walks and trampolines for children here. As the boulevard is an open public space, it will more likely fulfil the functions of an active area. The courtyard is a closed area where the children will be safe even without parental supervision and with a more homely, chamber atmosphere, where you may rest and enjoy communication in a quiet place. Precisely this message was the ground for development of the improvement concept of the space in the middle of the neighborhood.

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