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About the Projector Creative Picnic on RYBALSKY Avenue

About the Projector Creative Picnic on RYBALSKY Avenue
  • calender 21.08.2018

We are sure that summer is created exactly for a reason we could organize picnics in nature, go out with friends, have fun and use time profitably. It was the plan, that we sticked to this Saturday during the Projector Creative Picnic. About a thousand of visitors gathered on RYBALSKY Avenue to engage in activities prepared by organisers of the event.

Everything started at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome coffee. An aromatic coffee from a barista Whitebeard Blackbird and a walk along the avenue accompanied by a beautiful music is the best way to energise, since a sketch session from Yevheniia Haidamaka were waiting for the guests. The participants were drawing, communicating, making stylized portraits and creating short stories about each other.

Fans of 3D modelling learned about a technology of three-dimensional products and saw with their own eyes how 3D printers work. Guys from the Fabricator / FabLab hold a workshop in 3D printing, which continuation resulted in creation of an acrylic night light.

A short break for a signature cocktail from the Wix Cocktail Maker, and the guests have already settled themselves on soft pouffes to discuss a book “Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing” by Harry Beckwith. A community BOOK BOOM have invited Maksym Shyrko, the publisher of Telegraf.design and the Art Director in Ivan Dorn, who shared his impressions of the read about, quoted the best moments of the book and told about his experience in a field of design.

What VR technologies are capable of and which programmes will be useful for digital “sculptors” – at the same time the guests of the event visited a master class from a company X Reality Port.

During the first hour, on the main stage of the picnic, a panel discussions began. The speaker of the first Art direction discussed a topic “Art in the Epoch of Media”. How art is perceived in the modern world, how a book and panting will be modifying during the following 10 years –  gallerists shared their thoughts with publishers and artists.

Participants of a discussion “Dialogue instead of Monologue” admitted social networks as the main modern channel of communication. How to communicate with audience through a text and how to write about your brand are the questions, which were answered by journalists and PR managers. “Where Ideas Live” is a panel discussion about where one should look for ideas for creation. During an hour, the speakers were talking about approaches to a work and their source of inspiration. The end of the discussion was speeches of star speakers – Garik Korogodskiy and Serhii Didkovskyi.

At breaks between lectures and activities with football and frisbee, the picnic visitors had a possibility to take a walk on floors of the building, test the elevator and see new repairs in the communal hallway.

Summarising feedbacks and impression of the guests, the main picnic of this summer has succeeded. Photographs in Instagram and Facebook with enthusiastic commentaries on the Projector Creative Picnic are its best evidence.

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