Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев

Pedestrianized area

Public area is the place where we interact with each other and our environment every day, that`s why we`ve given maximum attention to its formation. The main factors we`ve taken into account are harmony, ecological friendliness, high esthetics of landscape design and quality of the used materials

We create social area which you will be proud of, where you should invite your friends, where it is a pleasure to spend time every day. It is comfortable to rest and communicate

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Pedestrian space - streets

Pedestrianized streets and green boulevards free from cars, together with channels, make up a system of qualitative and saturated public areas.

These pedestrianized zones are formed in accordance with the highest world standards and combine comfort, safety, absence of barriers and lots of opportunities for sports and recreation.

Our goal is to reborn peculiar to Kyiv citizens traditions of walking along Dnipro river and to remind citizens about advantages of water sports.

Pedestrian space - Sailor`s Park

Reconstructed, saturated with playgrounds and sportgrounds Sailors` Park will become the pearl of RYBALSKY. You can walk here facing Podil and find entertainment for whole family.

Additionally, here there are zones for pets walking, they won`t disrupt other visitors of the park.

Of course, we`ve taken care of bicyclists providing them with convenient bicycle tracks and places where they can store their bicycles.

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