Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
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When choosing an apartment, the view from the window is essential. May people have to content themselves with the dull panoramic scenery, while RYBALSKY offers its customers the apartments with the view on the Dnipro River, channels and the historic part of the city. The view apartments have panoramic windows, that is why the best landscapes will stand out before your eyes in all their beauty as if framed pictures.

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RN RYBALSKY offers its residents excellent apartments with posh views on the Dnipro River, the Saint Andrew`s Church, the Old Podil and Obolon. The four-room and three-room view apartments will all have open roof terraces. Just imagine that you can leisurely watch the flow of the great Borysthenes, while drinking coffee every morning.

We would also point out that the most luxurious apartments are considered to be the top floor duplex apartments with a terrace entrance. The unique features of such apartments consist in their layout: the first tier is a huge living space with a small terrace and the second one provides fully separate premises with panoramic windows and a large terrace (of 40 m2).


The view apartments are a very lucrative investment. Such real estate will never lose its value because the view from the window will remain unchanged. Moreover, the view apartments are better sunlit as compared with one-room and two-room residential premises.

By ordering a call-back you may ask our managers any questions and choose the ideal option for your view apartment with the best panoramic perspective of the city from the window. And hurry up, because the first two RYBALSKY residential buildings will be commissioned as early as in I quarter 2018 - II quarter 2018 sections.