Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев

Transport Infrastructure

District traffic

There will be no major highways on the territory of a residential district, transport streams will be distributed by a network of narrow streets that will give the drivers an opportunity to choose between different routes. Transit transport will move around the perimeter of a super quarter, so the streets around the buildings will be quiet and safe.

In the future it is planned to separate traffic flow into two corridors in south and north directions. Traffic from Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street to Stepan Bandera Avenue will be the same as at present through Naberezhno-Rybalska Street. And traffic in opposite direction will be arranged through Elektrykiv Street by a specially constructed tunnel under the railway.

It will unload Elektrykiv Street and the territory of Rybalsky peninsula becomes easily accessible due to a network of city trains. This decision is developed in the Detailed Plan of Rybalsky Territory approved by the Kyiv City Council.


The roadsides and sidewalks will not turn into chaotic parking, because each quarter will have a spacious two-level parking. One level of parking is placed under the ground, another one – on the first floor. Passage will be opened from the outside of the quarter, from the site of the street, so cars will not drive into the yard. In the third house 198 parking spaces are provided, in the ninth - 197, in the fifth - 122. Parking will be equipped with e-vehicles charging station.

Parking will work according to the park sharing system: owner of a parking lot can let it on lease for the period of his absence and generate money from it. It will provide a large number of parking lots for the quests of a district. It is supposed to be 160 parking lots for guests in the “pockets”, placed in such a way so as not to impede traffic. We also took care of bike riders and we will set up bicycle parking.

Pedestrian area

Pedestrians will feel themselves comfortable and safe on RYBALSKY territory and will be able to enjoy the walks, as the city highways do not run through a super quarter, but only surround it. A passage for cars of the residence to the underground parking and passage for firefighting vehicles and utility transport will be provided between the buildings of a residential district. Vehicle passages will be separated from the pedestrian areas by bollards.

We take care of developing an inclusive space, so everybody without exclusions will feel comfortable at RYBALSKY. There will be no subways in a district, pedestrian areas and stairways will be equipped for people with sight impairments and elevators will be comfortable for people with limited capabilities.

Space for bike riders

In RYBALSKY we will accommodate a network of cycle tracks and also set up parking for bicycles. Inside the district the cycling route will be combined with the highways, and along the perimeter, where the traffic is more intense, we will set up separate cycle tracks. They will be joined together with a main cycle track, which will unite Obolon, Rybalsky peninsula, Podil and Verkhnie Misto. A pedestrian cycling network enabling to reach RYBALSKY with comfort from avenue on Verhnii Val Street and Nyzhnii Val Sreet.

Public transport

Residential district RYBALSKY is situated 10-15 minutes’ drive from underground stations Poshtova Ploshcha and Kontrakova Ploshcha. You may reach Khreshchatyk approximately during the same time period. It is possible to go to the centre of the city and to the left bank by buses No. 114 and No. 114A. Bus No. 88 links RYBALSKY with Obolon, bus No. 53 – with Kontrakova Ploshcha and Podil.

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