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TOP Apartment Layouts in RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood

The apartment layout is one of the aspects to be taken into account by every customer, when purchasing residential space. RN RYBALSKY offers the best layouts, as we have more than 90 different options: standard, modern, for large and small families, apartment layouts for young people and newly wedded couples.

RN RYBALSKY offers a large range of apartment layouts: you can browse all the options on our site. You can also choose the section, floor, area and number of rooms of your preference.

The most interesting RYBALSKY layouts are sure to be those designed for the apartments on the top floors that will have entrances to the terraces where one can revel in a stunning view on the Dnipro River and the historic downtown.

Best Apartment Layouts in Newly-Built Building

The most luxurious apartments of the complex are the duplex four-room apartments with a terrace entrance. The unique features of such apartments consist in their layout: the first tier is a huge living space with a small terrace and the second one provides fully separate premises with panoramic windows and a large open terrace. Such an apartment will prove ideal for a large family, but it will also be suited for the people who appreciate free space and a superb view from the window.

One-room apartments are among the TOP options. Their living floor space starts with 45 m2; such apartments have a large kitchen and a room, a wide corridor, a spacious wardrobe and a resident-friendly recessed balcony.

The two-room apartment has the minimum floor space of 55 m2. It has a spacious bedroom and a reception room, a storeroom and even a balcony.

The three-room apartment is an excellent alternative for a large family. Its floor space starts with 73 m2. In addition to a common-type balcony, a recessed balcony, two bedrooms and a large reception-kitchen, a roof terrace is a cherry on the cake for this option.

But the main point is that all our apartments are of free layout; that is why you yourself may decide how large the floor space will be, where your corridor, bedroom, kitchen or sanitary facilities will be located.

We assure you that every customer will be able to find the perfect solution. We recommend that you should not delay with the purchase because the first two residential buildings of RN RYBALSKY will be commissioned by us I quarter 2018 - II quarter 2018 sections. It means that your dream of living in your own home will come true together with RYBALSKY as early as this year.