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Find Layouts of Apartments in Building No. 11 on Website!

Find Layouts of Apartments in Building No. 11 on Website!
  • calender 12.02.2019

To you question whether there are layouts of the apartments in building No.11 on the website, we respond – yes! Now you can see available floor spaces and layouts, familiarize with the location of the apartments on the floor with a few clicks of a mouse.

Use the filter in the Selection by Parameters Section or right away in the website menu to choose an apartment with the number of rooms that is optimal for your family:


  • A one-room apartment with a floor space ranging from 40 sq.m. to 77 sq.m. – an option in which we have thought out every detail for your comfort. It has a separate bedroom, a large kitchen-dining room, where you can have a seating area, a balcony or a private terrace. One-room planning also has a two-level apartment of 86 sq.m.
  • • A floor space of a ​​two-room accommodation is ranging from 64 sq.m. to 92 sq.m. These are two large bedrooms, one for you, the other one for your child, a living room for a common evening with your favourite movie, a balcony or a terrace for family breakfasts.
  • • Space or comfort? In a three-room apartment with a floor space ranging from 71 sq.m. to 104 sq.m. you do not have to choose between advantages. And if you like a non-standard approach to arranging your space, we recommend you to look for two-level apartments with a floor space of 133 sq.m. on our website.
  • Four-room accommodation is represented by two-level layout, the floor space of ​​which starts from 131 sq.m.

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