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The main thing about connecting engineering networks in RYBALSKY

The main thing about connecting engineering networks in RYBALSKY
  • calender 02.04.2020

Architecture of houses, landscaping, internal infrastructure of the area - a list of topics that you must discuss when buying an apartment. But there are basic questions that are primarily of interest to investors. One of these is the issue of engineering systems. How are the networks in the district arranged and is their volume sufficient to ensure a comfortable stay? Considering the area of ​​RYBALSKY, increased attention to the process of connecting communications is absolutely justified.

In a question-and-answer format, we explain the main points related to heating networks, water supply and electricity in the area.


How will RYBALSKY connect to power grids, water supply, sewerage, heating networks?

The connection of houses to engineering systems is carried out in turn - on the basis of the developed and agreed project documentation and in compliance with the relevant technical solutions.

The sequence of connecting houses to the networks is determined by their readiness. Taking into account the status of construction of each section of the district, the priority of work on connecting communications is as follows: house No. 3, No. 9, No. 5, No. 11, No. 7, No. 1. Networks have already been set up in houses # 3 and # 9.


Given the size of the population in the area, will be projected capacity be sufficient to supply all residents?

Yes. Obtaining a building permit and commencement of work at the facility is preceded by a number of mandatory procedures, including:

• calculation of the required capacities and drawing up of engineering parameters in accordance with the current State building codes of Ukraine,
• carrying out an examination,
• obtaining technical conditions for connection to city networks, namely to power grids, water supply networks, sewerage systems, storm sewers and heating networks.

Further, according to the received technical conditions, the design stage begins.

The implementation of these procedures and the further connection of houses to city grids cannot occur without accurate calculations and taking into account the required volumes for future consumers.

In addition, at the stage of obtaining technical specifications and developing project documentation, the developer calculates the load on the network during peak hours and determines their capacity, taking into account the seasonal load on energy carriers.


Do I need to lat additional networks in RYBALSKY?

Since when obtaining technical specifications, the categorization of consumer reliability is taken into account (i.e., reservation of energy carriers, which is provided for by circuit solutions), then there is no need to lay additional networks in RYBALSKY.

We comply with the technical conditions, therefore, design solutions in the area provide for redundant networks. Among them:

• sewerage,
• water pipes,
• heating main.

According to the category DBN, the power grids correspond to the I and II categories of reliability. Uninterrupted power supply is provided by circuit solutions both from the network and from distribution devices.



What networks are already connected in RYBALSKY?

There is a necessary list of utilities in the house: electrical networks, heating, water supply, sewerage, low-current networks. The uninterrupted operation of these systems provides the right conditions for both the comfortable living of residents and the functioning of commercial premises.

Last year, houses No. 3 and No. 9 in RYBALSKY were inspected by SACI and received a certificate of readiness of the facility for operation. Now six sections are connected to heating systems, water supply, sewerage, and electricity.

The following houses will be connected to the networks in stages in accordance with the technical conditions. Due to the well-thought-out scheme of networks in the area, their laying or maintenance, for example, in case of repair, will not affect the comfort of residents in any way.

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