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The first paw washers are installed in RYBALSKY

  • calender 23.09.2020

Promised to take care of your pets? We perform!

The first paw washers are installed in RYBALSKY. We placed them in the lobby of the house №3, so immediately after the walk you can wash your dog`s paws, and he will come to the apartment clean.

For those who have a four-legged friend, this is another reason to choose RYBALSKY for life. Here we take care of animals and create an animal friendly space with a green boulevard, where your dog will run ahead with a neighbor`s puppy, with a playground and now with special paw washers.

If you want to find out more about our animal friendly area, visit the sales department and be sure to come with your pet. In RYBALSKY he will definitely like it!

Our address: Naberezhno-Rybalska road, 3, 9.

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