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Sale of commercial premises has started in building No. 11

Sale of commercial premises has started in building No. 11
  • calender 30.10.2019

To open your own business and be engaged in your lifetime project. To be fond of the place, where you work and to wake up each morning with the thought “to get to work as soon as possible!”. To solve a bunch of urgent matters in a daytime and to celebrate a project release with a team in a restaurant near the water in the evening. This is a wonderful plan, which you may implement in the RYBALSKY.

Premises of restaurants and cafes. Building No. 11 is being erected near the channel. Precisely this fact has defined a concept and functional intended purpose of commercial real estate in it. From the side of the embankment, the non-residential premises occupy three floors to be fitted with a glass finishing of the facade. Restaurants and cafes will prevail here. Two floors of the building are allocated for them and a possibility to establish a summer area with a picturesque view over the embankment is provided for.

Layout of the premises is on one and two levels. Necessary utility systems have been designed for the establishments and quantity of energy consumption has been taken into account. Each restaurant has a possibility to discharge the goods from parking – during the business day an establishment will be provided with the products while not bothering the residents and guests of the RYBALSKY.  

Premises for offices. Not less picturesque landscape is waiting for the investors of office real estate. The building has two-level premises, the windows of which may look overview both the green boulevard and the channel. The last option includes a limited number of offers – only two premises with the floor space of 250 sq.m. are available for sale.

A separate entrance group, enabling companies to work under their own schedule, is provided.

Commercial premises. All commercial premises are presented by two-level layouts and have a lot of advantages for the stores owners: a large shop-front, place for a signboard and a barrier-free entrance. And, taking into account location of building No.11, the stores will find a good market here not only among the residents of the RYBALSKY but also among the guest of the neighbourhood, visitors of the restaurants and office employees.

We are focused on the companies different by size and specialization, so, we offer the premises with the floor space from 68 sq.m. to 585 sq.m. in the building. Get more details about commercial real estate from our manager. Call (044) 391-18-00 or visit us at the address: Naberezhno-Rybalskaya doroga, 3, 9.

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