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Apartments specifications

When purchasing the own housing, lot of questions arise: will it be warm in the rooms in winter? Will the doors be of high quality or, probably, will it be necessary to change them in the process of repair? Will the internal networks be ready when receiving the keys? We know how it is important to be sure not only of the quality of construction of the residential complex but also of the quality of the materials for finishing the premises.

In this section we explored specifications of the apartments in the RYBALSKY

Apartments specifications
Apartments specifications


All buildings in the RYBALSKY are constructed using a monolithic frame technology. We use M100 solid ceramic brick for external walling. Its particularities include moisture and freeze-thaw resistance. “M100” marking shows the strengths of the material: 1 sq.cm of the brick withstands the load of 100 kg. The buildings are insulated with fire-resistant mineral wool of 15 cm thick. The walls from the side of the boulevard will be finished with the hinged ventilated facade and from the side of the yard – with render system with a painted surface.

Internal and interior walls are also ceramic bricked. The choice of this material is based not only on its quality but also on its natural components.

After commissioning the building, the apartments will be commissioned without plaster finishing of the walls.


The height of the ceiling is 2.82 m.


For the RYBALSKY apartments we have chosen the reinforced plastic windows with aluminium structural shape and triple-pane energy-efficient glass. The heat will be stored in the rooms in winter and coolness – in summer.

Apartments specifications
Apartments specifications


All apartments will be fitted with the fire-resistant doors. We install the reinforced plastic windows with aluminium window trimming on the balconies


The floor is poured with the cement and sand laser-based underlayment. It particularity involves a perfect flat surface, thus, in the process of repair you may do tiling or laminating at the same time.


The RYBALSKY is connected to the central heating with the individual heat supply station in each building. We installed heating units and convectors built in the floor. The residents may control the amount of the consumed heat through the individual meters.

In total 4 meters are provided in the apartments: for cold and hot water, electricity and heating.

Apartments specifications
Apartments specifications

How the commissioned apartments of the RYBALSKY look like?

When transferring the key to the owner of an apartment, the floor in the rooms is poured with the underlayment, the moisture penetration barrier of “wet points” is done, the windows, entrance doors and doors on the balcony are fitted out, the networks (drainage channels, sewage, heating, ventilation, electricity) are connected to the premises.

You may receive more information about the apartments in the RYBALSKY by contacting our managers of the Sales Department. Visit us at the address at: 3, 9 Naberezhno-Rybalska Doroha Str.

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