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Even more closer to water! Sale of apartments in new building near channel has started

Even more closer to water! Sale of apartments in new building near channel has started
  • calender 17.11.2018

While the first RYBALSKY neighbourhoods are being prepared to guest new residents, we share with you a wonderful news. A sale of the apartments has started in building No.11!

For those dreaming of living closer to water, being fond of the RYBALSKY architecture and our approach to development of public space, we create a new neighbourhood with all advantages for living.

The building is located near the channel. Precisely this fact determined its main features. In contrast with three RYBALSKY neighbourhoods, commercial premises will occupy three floors in building No.11 and the facades will be finished with glass. There will be primarily restaurants and cafes. For them we created an optimized design with walls of 4,5 meters height, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the channel and an opportunity to create outdoor performance stages with an access to water.


A significant feature of commercial premises will be an entrance group. It will also be made of glass. When entering the premises, the visitors will get into a patio, representing a half-private space with transparent walls which will create an impression of an open area.

A ramp to the channel will become a decoration of public space of the neighbourhood – the stairways will look like an amphitheatre.


In the RYBALSKY we respect the demands of each resident and establish a barrier-free space, therefore you may take an entrance ramp down to the channel. Except being aesthetic, it will perform a function of a practical solution for the residents and guests of the neighbourhood with children or people with impaired mobility.


In order to accept a general concept of the neighbourhood, a facade of the residential floors will be finished with clinker and fiber-cement tiles from a German producer. The colours of the materials will be a mixture of grey and red and it will emphasize each floor space. Carved apertures of windows will become a separate plastic element: the floor-to-ceiling windows will be placed on recessed balconies and outside decks, standard ones with the height of 60 cm from the floor – in the rooms.


The floor spaces in building No.11 range from 40.45 sq.m to 165.39 sq.m. They include both one-room apartments and two-level four-room apartments with private outside decks, two bathrooms and wardrobes.


To get additional information with regard to the designs, prices and terms of purchasing an apartment in building No.11 of RYBALSKY, contact the Sales Department. File an application form below and our managers will definitely contact you

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