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RYBALSKY makes apartments more affordable

RYBALSKY makes apartments more affordable
  • calender 17.04.2018

Want to move to a more comfortable area or the best apartment?RYBALSKY is exactly what you need! It is a modern residential area near the water, where we not only build housing, but also develop a complete infrastructure for life, work and recreation.

Drink morning coffee, admiring the panoramic view of the Dnieper, walk along the water canal, sail the boat, ride a bike with an updated quay - to make it all easier than you think. We have developed special conditions for the purchase of apartments in RYBALSKY to make the new quality of life more affordable. Installment, loan, special prices or promotional offers - choose the best option for buying an apartment and live in a new cozy neighborhood near the center.

Installment: the first installment is only 10%

The minimum initial installment payment when buying an apartment in RYBALSKY is only 10%. The remaining cost can be paid within the next 36 months. This is an ideal option for those who dream of life at Rybalsky, but can not immediately pay the full cost of the apartment.

Loan from 4.9% per annum

Now we offer especially favorable lending conditions - the minimum interest rate is only 4.9%. The loan is for a term of up to 20 years. Special conditions apply until July 2, so do not delay!

In addition, together with the "Globe" Bank, we have also developed other lending options that operate on a regular basis.

Special conditions when buying several apartments

If you want to purchase several properties in a residential area, we will offer you an individual discount. The discount amount will depend on the cost of the apartment and the selected payment terms.

Special prices

We recommend to pay attention to the apartments in the house number 3, because the prices for them will start from 29 990 UAH / m2. In house number 5 the cost per square meter is even smaller - from 24 990 UAH. The validity of this offer is limited, so go to the sales team to choose a new apartment at a better price.

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