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RYBALSKY is being prepared for commissioning

RYBALSKY is being prepared for commissioning
  • calender 09.07.2018

We are constantly keeping you informed about the construction progress in the RYBALSKY. But today, when the last preparatory works for commissioning are being carried out, there is an opportunity to have a walk around the residential neighbourhood once again and show you readiness of the buildings.


Let us start from a boulevard, since you will be the first one to see it.


We have fitted the adjacent territory of the first launch complex in a modern European style, by uniting beauty and functionality of the landscape. The pedestrian paths have been paved with concrete tiles, but the main area is covered with grass and trees. We have used concrete tiles for pavement covering, which is resistant to the influence of natural conditions that increases its life span. Owing to the water disposal system made of galvanized or stainless steel, rainwater does not accumulate on the pavements and does not flow to the planted land.


Benches, litter bins and bicycle parking constructions have already been installed. All street furniture has been made specially for the RYBALSKY.


We have equipped the children area, installed safe and the state-of-art trampolines, which generates interest not only of children but also adults. The territory of the playground is covered with a special gravel surface made of fill material and organic adhesive cement. Owing to this no puddles appear on the surface, excessive moisture evaporates quickly and favourable conditions are created for the network of roots of trees.



After that let`s observe the buildings.

Nine-storey buildings do not create an atmosphere of concrete jungle. There is enough space for buildings in a courtyard to accommodate the space for rest with green plantings.

We  gave serious consideration to the decoration of the frontages and chose different types of materials depending on the height of a storey. The first floors of the houses are protected from water and mechanical damages, since we used brick tile made of durable burnt clay resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.








Besides, it is complemented with ceramic granite and fibrous gypsum which decorate the floors above. Ventilated frontages keep the warmth in a building, help to evaporate excess moisture and have good acoustic insulation.

Installation of metal-plastic windows is planned at the final stage.

After walking around the boulevard and in the yard you enter the building.

The last works are being carried out on the floors, after which it will be possible to start repair works in the apartments. Brick walls and creeds are finished, so cladding and tile paving works in public places have been started.

For the RYBALSKY we have chosen safe and high-tech elevators produced by the Swiss company Schindler. Their advantages include low power consumption and use of traction mechanisms reducing noise level.





Earlier you had an opportunity to familiarize yourself in our show-room with the samples of entrance and balcony doors that we use in the process of construction. Now you can visit residential neighbourhood and look at the installed doors, the installation is being carried out at the present time. You can open the doors and test them for usability.


To get more information about readiness of the residential neighbourhood, please, come to our Sales Department at: 3, 9, Naberezhno-Rybalska Doroha Str.


Let us remind you that new crediting terms have been applied in the RYBALSKY since July 03. The minimum interest rate amounts to 6,4% per annum for the first 12 months, and the amount of the down payment starts at 20%. The credit is granted for the term up to 20 years.

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