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RYBALSKY Girls Party

RYBALSKY Girls Party
  • calender 11.08.2017

Every year summer Kiev is becoming increasingly similar to a resort: it`s getting hotter on the street, people are becoming more beautiful, and interesting events are being held more and more often!


The RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood plays its role in it, because on the 5th of August the third event took place on our boulevard. At this time guests spent time at "In Search of Made in Ukraine" Festival with a lot of fun, delicious food, music and most importantly benefited greatly from a long-awaited event, main girls party of the city – RYBALSKY Girls Party!


On Saturday morning, the most beautiful girls of Kiev, the most stylish men and the most helpful speakers gathered on Rybalsky boulevard with a single goal – to make your holiday memorable!


While the male half of the guests was entertained by a kicker, table tennis and a visit to the barbershop, the girls forgot about family budgets and rationality, devoting themselves to shopping: it seems that no guest left without a new dress :) You bet, there were a lot of options for the outfit – a number of corners with great sales has done its job! It was doubly pleasant to complete one`s look with stylish clothes since the joy of shopping was accompanied by high-quality music – the DJ caught the mood of the audience and created dancing atmosphere for all guests of the girls party!


It was easy to continue the right morning: oysters and champagne, fried ice cream and sweets, cocktails and lemonades, burgers and hot dogs – it was delicious! To relax on the sun loungers in the shade, or take a selfie in one of the photo zones, jump on trampolines or visit the sales department – guests found something to do for every taste in every part of the boulevard. But activity in one of the parts of the boulevard draw particular attention – the event`s speakers caught the audience`s eye seriously and for long:


Anastasiia Goloborodko – a healthy diet consultant, a culinary journalist and author of the blog "Spoon!" shared her tips on how to make your diet varied, tasty and useful. After analysing the most common eating habits, Nastya answered questions of the students with great pleasure and gave recommendations on how to take your food under control with pleasure and without much effort.

The meditation and yoga-asana instructor Vladislav Prutyanu gave a lecture and showed, using the example of a set of the most efficient exercises, how it is possible to fully restore the body`s strength and mind clarity in ten to fifteen minutes a day. The title of his report, "Yoga without a rug", speaks for itself – each of the listeners now knows how to independently manage their emotions, develop awareness and flexibility through yoga and meditation practices.

Charismatic Margarita Muradova held a master class called "How to find your own style? As a result of the lecture, the guests of the RYBALSKY girls party convinced of their knowledge of what things may emphasize their impeccable taste and with new strength headed to the shopping corners for new dresses:) Rita is a stylist, personal shopper, image maker and fashion blog author, shared with her knowledge and style practice with great pleasure, and also answered the numerous questions of listeners on the results of her speech.

Caught eyes, notes in notebooks and attentiveness to every word of the speaker – speech of the practicing psychologist Oksana Stogniy was more than exciting! The lecture "Secrets of Male and Female" aroused great interest among the audience and it is not surprising, because, perhaps, every girl wants to understand herself, better understand her man`s thoughts and make the relationship even more harmonious! Knowing yourself, finding a partner, coming out of conflict situations – these and other important aspects of a woman`s life were analysed within the framework of her report "Slovoterapiya" (Therapy with words) Oksana Stogniy.

"Basic wardrobe" is a concept familiar and deeply loved by every girl from an early age! Anastasiya Alekseenko, a fashion blogger, stylist-shopper and personal wardrobe consultant helped the listeners to understand the myths and reality, determine the really necessary things and set the rules for choosing the base for personal capsule wardrobe.

"It is must be scary for a girl to travel alone!" – Natalya Korzh, a partner of the Girls Travel Solo project, fights against this stereotype successfully. Having visited 14 countries, Natalya learned all aspects of independent travels: starting from planning and buying tickets to nuances of communication with foreigners and possible challenges in exotic countries. Sharing her tips, life hacks and recommendations with great pleasure, Natasha managed to inspire girls and assure that traveling alone is easy, pleasant and safe.

t`s simply impossible not to notice the modern trends of HL (healthy lifestyle – ed.)! Nevertheless, not everybody is familiar with the way in which it is really necessary to manage our body and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. It was the task of Sofiya Rozko, a founder of theBODY school, a certified nutritionist, to disassemble myths, share the secrets and rules of how to look great and feel good, to tell about favourite foods and products. The Lecture: Healthy Lifestyle: Do`s & Don`ts generated lots of buzz among the listeners, because who does not care about our health?!

To successfully manage public relations at SCM (one of the largest financial and industrial holdings in Ukraine), to devote time to sports and health; to create a wonderful family; to cross the Bosphorus (!) – it seems that there is nothing impossible for Nataliya Emchenko! The co-founder of the LiveLove project energized and inspired the RYBALSKY Girls Party guests with a motivational lecture "How sport will make you more successful?" "I spoke and felt how words turned into some kind of waves that penetrated into the listeners. And those waves touched the important strings of a soul somewhere inside. Hour passed in one breath"- Nataliya shared her impressions from her report.

The audience waited impatiently to hear the speeches of writer Tamriko Sholi – after all, you hardly ever meet Tamriko in Kiev! The author of the bestsellers "Inside the Man" and "Inside the Woman" told about her experience of emigration and living abroad. Traditionally giving the listeners alternating laughter and tears, Tamriko shared her experiences and read out excerpts from her new book "I Want to Go Home!".

Communication with lecturers over the glass of "Aperol", rest with children and loved ones, shopping, music and, of course, delicious food – the main city girls party definitely succeeded! Instagram photos and friends stories about the "In Search of Made in Ukraine" Festival in Rybalsky is the only thing for those who failed to visit RYBALSKY Girls Party! Follow our news and see you on the next event on Rybalsky boulevard!

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