Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев


In pursuit of cool, gentle splash of waves and flickering of water, we are ready to fly even to the edge of the world! But why to fly so far – this little joy is available to every resident of Kyiv in the restaurants of the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood. An unforgettable atmosphere of the restaurants located near the Dnieper, will allow you to relax from bustle of the metropolis and enjoy the fresh air in the circle of family and relatives.

Places near the water are a cherished dream of the restaurateurs. Taking this into account, have provided for a whole range of restaurants along the picturesque channel – zest of the residential neighbourhood. You have the opportunity to buy adapted commercial premises for your restaurant:

• The length of the channel embankment is 330 m
• 9200 m2 of area full of restaurants
• More than 25 different establishments
• Direct and unobstructed access to the water
• Ability to develop summer area

Do your favourite business and get pleasure – residents and guests of the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood will come to you in the morning for coffee, and in the evening for a cocktail and a pleasant conversation.

For more details on the prices and terms of rent of the commercial real estate in the Rybalsky residential neighbourhood contact our Sales Department.

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