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Instalment Payment for Purchase of Residential Space in RN RYBALSKY

The instalment payment from the developer for purchasing residential space in RYBALSKY provides the ideal solution, if you want to make your purchase already today.

The first contribution for obtaining the instalment plan makes up only 10%. The balance may be paid within the following 36 months. We offer our customers flexible terms for making instalment arrangements: in this respect it is you who will choose the option most suitable for yourself. The most important thing is that following the completion of the first contribution you will become the proper owner of your apartment in RN RYBALSKY.

Why Instalment More Competitive than Credit

The benefits of the instalment payment are evident. It is primarily for the reason of the small first contribution and the possibility to pay in parts, which, as you will agree, is very convenient. Moreover, we offer our clients a tailor-made instalment plan to be completed within 3 years.

We do not require from you any income references or solvency verification; we have taken this stance for your convenience and comfort because we appreciate your time and efforts. So, everyone who relishes peace and comfort and wants to live near water in one of the most beautiful places of the capital can afford to purchase the real estate in RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood.

For more details about granting the instalment payment plan please contact our Sales Department by merely ordering a call-back.