Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев



The SAGA Development and Perfect Group Company carries out renovation of industrial zone on Rybalsky peninsula. A new residential district which logically continues development of old Podil with low-rise quarters and developed network of streets will appear there.

A project includes construction of 9 buildings; three of them – No. 3, No. 5, No.9 are currently under construction. A part of a building No.5 will be occupied with a modern educational complex. We have already fit out a pedestrian boulevard in a new district and begun to build a water channel.

It will be nice to have a rest here, meet with friends, take sports, and walk along a boulevard, embankment of the Dnipro River and water channel. We provide with the best conditions for children and thoroughly think out the possibilities for education, games and active leisure time. The new district harmoniously combines a high level of aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and environmental friendliness.


Rybalsky is a super modern residential district of absolutely new quality, which embodies an idea of comfortable life near the water. Here the skyscrapers will not shade the sky, and spontaneous parking will not steal space from pedestrians. We believe that a comfortable environment makes people residing here happy. That`s what we want to achieve at RYBALSKY.

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