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Representatives of the project team showed RYBALSKY to journalists

On October 5, we held a press tour at the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood for the first time. The team members told the journalists what inspires them to work on the project and what is its main idea. Media representatives have strolled along the boulevard and seen two blocks, the construction of which will be completed soon.

"The experience of living in European cities inspired us to create such a district," — Vyacheslav Bondarchuk, Executive Director of Riverside Development, said. The starting point of the concept of RYBALSKY was a quarterly building, traditional for both European cities and Podil.

"We are implementing the format of quarterly development, which takes into account modern needs," — Anton Oliynyk, the chief architect of the project, said. In the new area, the territory outside the neighborhoods is maximally public and open for everyone. The inner space is private, and only residents can have access to it via passes. In the courtyard, bicycles or children`s toys can be safely left, neighbors can arrange picnics together.

In the residential area, all conditions for a comfortable life by the water will be created. "Ancient Kiev stood on several rivers, and now it is almost completely cut off from the Dnieper by roads and industrial zones. The idea of RYBALSKY is to return access to water to the citizens," — Anton Oliynyk said.

The embankment of the Dnieper from the Podilsky bridge to the Petrivsky railway bridge will be reconstructed and opened for the townspeople. "We took the social responsibility to improve the embankment, so that everyone could walk, jog or ride a bicycle here," — said Vyacheslav Bondarchuk.


Parallel to the pedestrian boulevard, a water channel will be digged and a public space will be created. More than 25 restaurants will open on the street along the canal. Under the Naberezhno-Rybalska st. a tunnel will be created, so boats could reach the canal from the Dnieper.

The authors of the project also told reporters how RYBALSKY will be built in the near future. "We are starting to build the fifth line near the water channel soon," — Anton Oliynyk noted. 

The construction of an educational center will start soon. "Rybalsky Family Port is a children`s educational institution of a new format, which unites kindergarten, school, sports sections, clubs and family coworkings. During the creation of this complex, we involved the best Dutch and Finnish consultants," — said Vyacheslav Bondarchuk.


RYBALSKY is designed as a multifunctional area with housing, offices, places for walking and entertainment, shops and restaurants. Anton Oliynyk drew the journalists` attention to the fact that the first floors of the houses will be occupied by small businesses, and consequently the streets will be full of life.

"We believe that the load on the area within a day should be approximately uniform. Some of the residents will go to work to other parts of the city, and some people, on the contrary, will come to RYBALSKY to work or rest," — said Vyacheslav Bondarchuk. Multifunctionality will help to avoid the rush hour, make RYBALSKY comfortable and fill it with life.

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