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Pre-order apartments in house no. 7 is open!

Pre-order apartments in house no. 7 is open!
  • calender 12.08.2020

If there was a fashion for apartments, the architectural collection from RYBALSKY would be relevant in all seasons. Just look at our new house No. 7. Refined lines, natural textures and discreet shades that suit absolutely everyone. But the main thing that distinguishes the new quarter is its location on the first line of the Dnieper.

Already now, apartment booking is open in house No. 7. At this stage, you can reserve the best layout with a view of the Dnieper and sign a pre-booking agreement.

Even at the beginning of designing RYBALSKY, we knew that its first line would be special. It can be seen from the embankment, Trukhanov Island and the left bank. It is the first line that forms the impression of the area, therefore each of its quarters should become a landmark for this part of Kiev.
House No. 7 can easily cope with this task. The chief architect of the project took into account all our wishes and created a quarter with exceptional architecture. He retained the height and square shape of the building, which is characteristic of super-neighborhoods, but slightly changed the slope of the roof. This architectural solution not only gave the house originality, but also made it possible to conveniently place summer zones - balconies and terraces.
In general, the terraces and balconies in the house No. 7 are one of its features. They are located along the entire perimeter of the building and have cascading ledges that will resemble the waves of the Dnieper.
Most of the apartments have terraces, there are layouts with balconies and a loggia. This number of summer zones is primarily due to the location of the house along the Naberezhno-Rybalskaya road - so that residents have more opportunities to enjoy the view of the Dnieper and the greenery of Trukhanov Island.
There is a canal near the house. This is another reason to add large windows and open spaces to the layout of the apartments. According to the RYBALSKY concept, there will be a whole street of restaurants in the area. They will be located on the first floors of six blocks, including house No. 7. Start the day with aromatic coffee and a croissant, dine with your favorite dish, and spend the evening in a cozy restaurant - for this, residents just need to go down to the first floor.
From the renders and the RYBALSKY concept, you know about the principle of super-blocks, which we adhere to during construction. The district project has the form of a grid with a clear delineation of the territory into public, private and semi-private zones. The houses stand one after another, and the space between them is occupied by a boulevard. When constructing a new quarter, we follow the same rules - inside house No. 7 there will be a closed courtyard, to which only residents will have access.
For car owners, underground parking is provided.
Currently, four stages are under active construction in the district. These are houses no. 5 and no. 11, houses no. 3 and 9 were put into operation, they are undergoing final work. Very soon house №7 will join the number of our quarters. Hurry up to choose the best layout and book an apartment on the first line of the Dnieper.
Call the number on the website and make an appointment with the sales managers. Also, fill out the feedback form and we will definitely contact you.

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