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How does the fire safety system in RYBALSKY work?

How does the fire safety system in RYBALSKY work?
  • calender 05.04.2018

We take all measures to ensure safety of the future residents and understand how important the fire safety system is during construction and operation of the buildings. Therefore, RYBALSKY is being constructed in accordance with all fire protection regulations and rules. We would like to tell about the materials used in the process of construction, the evacuation procedure in the event of a fire, the work of a fire alarm and automatic fire suppression systems and the fire safety solutions taken in the parking lots.


What materials are used during construction?

For insulation of the walls we use mineral wool which is a non-combustible material. For insulation of the roofs we use extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) – low-combustible material. It is encircled with non-combustible materials: from below – a concrete slab, from above – concrete screed.


Door niche is made of non-combustible materials with a fire resistance limit of 45 minutes, doors of utility rooms and elevators are non-flammable with a fire resistance limit of 60 minutes. Exterior apartment doors are shockproof with a limit of fire resistance of 30 minutes.


How will evacuation be organized in the event of a fire?

Evacuation will take place through stairwells, where there are exterior lighting and windows that can be opened to remove smoke. All doors, equipped with an access control system, will automatically unlock by a fire alarm system. I addition, the system will switch the elevators to "Fire" mode, and they will turn off.


The apartments have a second evacuation exit – through a balcony with a fire tank, where you can safely wait for the rescuers. The fie tank is a 1.2x1.2 m platform with a blank space of 1200 mm thick.


How is passage for the firefighting vehicle is organized?

The firefighting vehicle will be able to drive around the perimeter of each building and will have access to all parts of the building from the street.


Where will the fire alarm system be installed and how will it work?

The antechambers of the apartments and built-in premises of various purposes will be equipped with a fire alarm system. Autonomous optoelectronic fire smoke detectors will be additionally installed in the apartments, which, in the event of smoke detection, will sound an alarm.


The parking lots are equipped with fire alarm system and manual fire detectors. In addition, an automatic alarm system signalling of microconcentrations of carbon monoxide and explosive concentrations of methane will operate in the premises of the parking lots. If the level of these substances increases, the corresponding light and sound signals will be activated.


The fire alarm system launches anti-smoke protection system, disables ventilation, switches elevators to the "Fire" mode, transmits the "Fire" signal to the centralized monitoring panel and activates fire alerts.


How does the fire safety system work?

Hydrants will be installed in the parking lots. In addition, parking and storage rooms with access to the parking lots will be equipped with an automatic water-based fire suppression system. Before any fire, the pipelines of the automatic sprinkler of the water-based fire suppression system are filled with water and are under pressure. In the event of a fire due to the high temperature, a fusible lock of the fire sprinkler (or several sprinklers) is fused over the point of fire outbreak.


How does the smoke system work?

Smoke exhaust is designed on both levels of parking. The smoke exhaust system consists of valves, shaft and smoke fan. On the "Fire" signal, the fire alarm system deactivates general ventilation.


Who controls the compliance with the fire safety regulations and compliance with the design documentation during construction and after commissioning of the buildings?

During construction, compliance with the design documentation is personally supervised by the general designer and technical supervision is carried out by the customer. After construction, commissioning of an object that does not correspond to the project design and which has not undergone an examination, is impossible. During operation, compliance with the fire safety regulations is controlled by the management company.

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