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Let`s compare renders of RYBALSKY with real pictures of buildings

  • calender 05.07.2019

Sometimes, in order to measure the results of our work we need to come back to the beginning of our way or look through the list of everything that was planned. That is exactly what we have done. We found the renders of the RYBALSKY buildings and compared them with the results.

Just several years ago we were delighted with an image of our project in electronic format and today we may walk around the neighbourhood, admire its architecture and be proud of the top-class interior of the halls in the buildings. And this is just the beginning! Very soon the RYBALSKY will come to life and become even more beautiful: the first flowers will appear on the balconies and basket-chairs and house plants will appear on the terraces, in the evening the light will be turned up in the windows and the boulevard will glimmer with the light of the lanterns.

In the news gallery we share with you the renders and new pictures of the neighbourhood. You may compare them by yourself! And it will be even better if you call the Sales Department in order to schedule the meeting with our manager and see the beauty of the RYBALSKY with your own eyes.

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