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Picnic for close people in RYBALSKY

“You are at home!” – precisely with a such slogan our Saturday evening “Picnic for close people” was held. On the 21st of September we invited all residents of the RYBALSKY in order to get acquainted with each other, to exchange some pieces of advice with regard to outfitting of a new apartment and to find out, who precisely will reside on the next floor and if our musical preferences tie togetherJ

Everything started at 11:00 a.m. with a “hot” cocktail and walk around favourite and already such native neighbourhood. At the entrance to the boulevard the residents were greeted with tasty drinks and invited to get involved to an interactive event, to take pictures near the brand zone and to capture pleasant memories in the picture.

Our partners offered to spend this day both interesting and useful. The ATMOSFERA Managing Company responsible for the services of a good quality presented its services and functionality of the innovative Sfera mobile application to the residents. The Ajax Company being well-known in 80 countries told about its own high-technology security systems and special terms of its acquisition for the residents of the RYBALSKY.

“5 element” sports club prepared for the guests of the picnic a pleasant gift – a free day in fitness centre. Each person could receive this bonus near the special club mount.

None picnic can be held without sweeties? A real fast food festival spread out on the boulevard. Friends of the RYBALSKY feasted with the pies, mooncakes and other tasty snacks. The gallery of Lera Litvinova helped to satisfy the spiritual hunger – painting workshops for teenagers and adults took place right on the boulevard.

We proved the opposite to those who did not believe that it was comfortable to practice yoga in the RYBALSKY. A separate yoga “interest group” was arranged there and while children were entertaining with activities organizers in the yard of building No.9, their parents were performing asanas of different complexities together with a coach.

The separate points of entertaining programme of this day were extreme performance of the tight-rope walkers, foot tapping dancing show from the “5 element” and vibrant music of HeartBeat Brass Band.

 A moderator of all the activities and good spirit was an anchor of Novy Channel Roman Mishcheriakov. At that day he was not only entertaining the quests but also got acquainted with them. According to his story, it will never go amiss to know all neighbours by sight.  During the event, the special terms for purchasing the apartment could be clarified in the Sales Department, thus, even the anchor wanted to take advantage of the profitable offer and become the resident of the neighbourhood. If the owner of the apartment invited his friend, he will receive 10% discount for a pantry or parking space. As regards the friend, the price for the apartment chosen will also be reduced by 10%.

By the way, a special offer will be valid within the next 30 days. If you own the apartment in the RYBALSKY, advise your friend this neighbourhood and receive a pleasant bonus.

 Warm emotions after the holiday, hundreds of bright pictures and new acquaintances – precisely such happy day in our neighbourhood will remain in our memories. It was the day that proved that good neighbours are one of the main advantages of the RYBALSKY.

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