Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев


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Vote for life near the water!

Vote for life near the water!
  • calender 15.02.2019

RYBALSKY launches election campaign!

We guarantee:

  • • living space of high quality with dense infrastructure, cosy courtyards, picturesque boulevard, which will become your favourite place for recreation and entertainment;
  • • space for children – we will equip playgrounds in each courtyard; also cutting-edge trampolines that attract not only children`s attention have already been installed in the district;
  • • space for animals with paw cleaners in the guest`s corners of the buildings, so that your dog`s paws are always clean;
  • • high-quality public space around the water – we will create our own channel and set up a space around the water with conceptual cafes and restaurants.

But the main thing is that in order to choose the RYBALSKY, you do not have to wait for the elections! Vote for life near the water! Visit the Sales Office at: 3, 9 Naberezhno-Rybalska doroha Str.

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