Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
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Newly-Built Houses with Underground Parking

Nowadays many Kyiv residents have a car. But it turns out to be very difficult to find a free parking place in the capital. This is no exception for the newly-built apartment blocks with an underground parking facility. RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood offers an excellent alternative - Parking-sharing - a parking facility with an opportunity to make money. Essentially, one can lease his or her parking place while away from home.

RN RYBALSKY is the first in Kyiv to offer smart parking functional system Parking-sharing

Parking-sharing has proved very successful abroad. This system is easily integrated with the Internet and mobile applications. This allows tracking in real time who uses your parking place right here, right now.


The benefits of this parking-sharing are evident: it means saved time for search of a parking place for a car and the opportunity to make some money for the owner of the parking place. Besides, the system operates without any papers: that is why the driver is going to forget all about parking vouchers once and for all.


Our parking grounds will occupy a large area. Here you will be able to leave not only your car, but a bicycle and many more large-sized things. Moreover, the parking place will be equipped with charging points for electric vehicles.


Every RN RYBALSKY building will have 198 parking places and the parking area itself will be two-level. The price of the first parking place is 250,000 hryvnias Ц the lowest on the parking place market in Kyiv. You can purchase your parking place by merely ordering a call-back - and our sales department experts will give you feedback at your convenience.