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New Year`s Eve in RYBALSKY: parking space as a present and payment in instalments

New Year`s Eve in RYBALSKY: parking space as a present and payment in instalments
  • calender 16.12.2019

Are you ready for New Year`s jingle bells and magic moments? We are ready! And we have already stocked up on everything necessary: Christmas tree, firecrackers, festive mood and, of course, presents for you.

This winter, the dream of your own accommodation comes true together with the dream of your own parking space! Until the end of February the RYBALSKY presents a parking lot. No, it`s no make-believe. Purchasing certain apartments, you will get a parking lot in the underground parking*.

During the specified period you can also purchase an apartment in building No.11 paying by instalments. This is your chance to become a resident of the new neighbourhood being constructed along the channel. On the eve of the holiday the following most favourable terms are applicable:

  • payments in UAH,
  • first instalment – 50%,
  • payment period – up to 2 years
  • price rise – 0%.

Building No. 11 is unique not only due to its location but also due to its architecture. Three floors from the side of the embarkment will have a glass facade, and panoramic windows will overlook the water. Different window apertures will be the cherry on top: on loggias there will be floor-to-ceiling apertures but in other rooms they will be of standard height.

The floor space of the apartments in the new neighbourhood will range from 40 sq.m. to 215 sq.m.

Pursue your dreams just right now! All you have to do is visit the Sales Department at the following address: 3, 9, Naberezhno-Rybalska Str., or call: (044) 290-73-96. Looking forward to meeting you!

* Discount on the parking lot is applicable subject to 100% payment for the chosen accommodation.

** New Year offers are not added up.

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