Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
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Newly-Built Apartments in Podil District

Metropolitan city residents prefer to buy residential premises in many cases away from the turmoil. In special demand are the urban areas where places for walking are available and where a stupendous view opens up from the apartment windows. All this stands for RN RYBALSKY situated in Podil, on the RYBALSKY Peninsula.

To be specific, the newly-built apartment blocks are located in Naberezhno-Rybalska Street of Podil District (not far from Elektrykiv Street). This is a special place: stupendous views on the Dnipro River and canals open up from the windows of this complex.

The siting of the newly-built apartment blocks has inspired the concept authors of this residential neighbourhood to preserve this cultural pattern without sporadic constructions or skyscrapers.

For this reason the developer has decided to erect here low-level buildings so as not to depress the feelings of people and not to obstruct the sky. At the same time the front walls of the houses will emphasize the powerful monolithic structure of the buildings and large panoramic windows will enhance the exquisiteness and style.

Advantages from Living in Naberezhno-Rybalska Street

Podilskyi District as such is a big attraction of the capital city. No wonder that there are lots of sights near RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood. Poshtova Ploshcha underground station, a rack-railway, a river boat station and the quay of the Dnipro River are conveniently near the premises. Kontraktova Ploshcha underground station, Hostynnyi Dvir (trade and reception complex) and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy are located just a step away from the neighbourhood.