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New quarter in RYBALSKY — with apartments for all tastes and an educational complex

New quarter in RYBALSKY — with apartments for all tastes and an educational complex
  • calender 27.10.2017

RYBALSKY has began construction of the 3rd quarter of residential area! Hurry up to take advantage of an attractive offer and purchase an apartment at the special price - 24 990 UAH.

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A new turn of the RYBALSKY residental neighbourhood — a multi-functional quarter with a cozy yard, a sports ground, built-in public areas and an underground parking. This house will be special, because its part will be occupied by Rybalsky Family Port — an educational institution of a new format.


Residential sections will have 9 floors — this height is comfortable and doesn’t "press" on a person. 156 apartments will be in these sections. There are compact one-room (from 41 m2) and two-level four-room apartments with private terraces, so you can choose the one that will suit your needs and desires:

  • one-room — 7 types of apartment layout, 41 apartments;
  • two-room — 14 types, 63 apartments;
  • three-room — 8 types, 31 apartments;
  • four-room — 2 types, 2 apartments;
  • two-level three-room — 5 types, 7 apartments;
  • two-level four-room — 10 types, 12 apartments.


Rybalsky Family Port
The educational complex will be located in the three-storey section of the quarter. Rybalsky Family Port was designed with consultation of leading Dutch architects. This is not an ordinary school, but a modern educational institution consisting of a secondary school, a kindergarten, development studios, sports sections. 356 pupils will study here: 228 schoolchildren and 128 preschoolers. A cafe and a family coworking will work on the ground floor at Rybalsky Family Port. On the roof of the school there will be a playground for children, fenced with a net. The site of the kindergarten will be located in the courtyard of the educational center and separated from the private space of the inhabitants of the house.



A private courtyard for residents will be ideally equipped for a family leisure. Access will be available only to residents and their guests, besides, cars will not be allowed to enter this territory, so the yard will be safe and cozy. There will be a childrens playground and a sports ground for adults. We attach great importance to the amenity planting of the yard, in addition, a part of the roof of the Rybalsky Family Port will be "green."


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