Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев


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Unique Newly-Built Apartment Blocks near Water

Sometimes people get tired of the on-going pace of life and want to seclude themselves together with the Nature. RN RYBALSKY is the sanctuary of a contemporary metropolitan city and the exclusive residential estate because it occupies a picturesque place near water and approaches the downtown at the same time.

Newly-Built Apartment Blocks in Naberezhno-RYBALSKY

Side by side with huge woods and parks, the city can boast of the most remarkable attraction - the legendary Dnipro River. It is the Dnipro that has inspired SAGA Development, the developer, to create an innovative residential area near water within the RYBALSKY Peninsula of the capital.

Residential Neighbourhood near Quay

Why is it worthwhile to Single Out RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood?

Because we shall built here a network of wide walking quays and boulevards to accommodate parks, coffee-houses and amphitheatres for parties.

The RYBALSKY apartment blocks will be penetrated by a network of picturesque canals, which will enhance the beauty of the place and give the residents the opportunity of enjoying the fabulous view from their windows every day.

These newly-built apartment blocks will also provide their residents with the first-of-its-kind bathing place within a residential neighbourhood in Kyiv.

The residential neighbourhood area will accommodate a yacht harbour. In other words, you will be able to anchor your waterborne transportation facility and, when wanted, to use it in order to have the time of your life on the water, while relaxing and indulging to every wish of yours.


The renovated SailorsТ Park will be the pearl of RN RYBALSKY. You will be able to enjoy excellent views on Podil, while walking along the park paths, and to relax because sports fields and playgrounds will be arranged here. Also, the park will have special pet relief areas. And, of course, the developer will take care of bicycle riders: the park will have a network of bicycle tracks and bike-stands.

SailorsТ Park attracts many Kyivans thanks to its serenity and verdure; besides, one can feel here the indescribable spirit of the city because of large cranes piled around, the monument to a historic combat ship, with unsinkable tug-boats swimming to and fro all the time. Just believe it: a selfie in these whereabouts is bound to be a success!