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Gallery is open and waiting for visitors!

Gallery is open and waiting for visitors!
  • calender 18.12.2018

Oil and pastel, bronze and marble, pictures and sculptures, music and painting – the opening of “Response area” exhibition in Lera Litvinova Gallery amazed with its artistic combinations.

Last Friday we familiarized with the beauty in all its forms. The gallery presented paintings of modern artists, and each of them tried to tell his history and share with the visitors the simple truth, which is the key to understanding of life. Using certain images, technics and pigment mixing the artists aspired to create the images, in which each spectator could recognize himself and reveal his true self.

Philosophic reflections were not limited only to painting. The exhibition presented the sculptures of Astian Rey. “Nike of Samothrace”, “The Minotaur”, “Svarog” – these works became an interpretation of the author on the subject of ancient myths and legends.

The event was held with musical accompaniment by the pianist, composer and laureate of international competitions Oleksandra Morozova.

During the breaks between discussions about the sublime and short lections from the art-experts the visitors could drink a glass of champagne and take pictures with their favourite exhibits. Residents and visitors of the RYBALSKY had a good opportunity to see the boulevard illuminated by the sparks of New Year fairy lights and enjoy the beauty of the buildings looking especially fairy in the evening.

The painter and ideological inspirer of Lera Litvinova Gallery art space Lera Litvinova told about selection of the location in the RYBALSKY: “RYBALSKY conception is close to us. Since it is modern and architecture art, which forms the taste but not follows it. This is the space, which inspires! Our missions are closely related to each other. The gallery mission is to promote modern art in Ukraine and promote Ukrainian art in the world. The RYBALSKY mission is to implement the world experience in Ukraine”.

We invite you to Lera Litvinova Gallery art space. The gallery will be opened in building No. 3 of the RYBALSKY on the regular basis and “Response area” exhibition will be represented until January, 23.

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