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Three-Room Apartments in RYBALSKY

A three-room apartment in RN RYBALSKY is the ideal urban home for a large family. It will be very comfortable for a number of people to live here, especially if it is a couple with two children.

Three-Room Apartments in RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood

A three-room apartment in RYBALSKY is a functional and comfortable home where you will be able to gain advantage of the useful space to capacity. The three-room apartment floor space starts with 73 м ². Here you will have a large reception-kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and even, at your option, two balconies. Also, RYBALSKY invites its clients to materialize any design-driven concept thanks to free layout of the residential space.


This residential estate offers a large range of three-room apartment layouts. For example, you can purchase a duplex 3-room apartment and have it completed as you wish. So, switch on your imagination, get your relatives involved and you may start moving in and out every month or even more often. And should you purchase a top floor apartment, a roof terrace will be a cherry on your real estate cake. Just image what panoramic views you will have and how many emotions you will experience, while enjoying your dinner by candlelight with the people you love. And all this under the open sky - you will be lost for words in this splendour!


To learn the details about the price is as easy as to log on Facebook: just order a call-back and our Sales Department experts will give you feedback at your convenience. By the way, we offer our clients tailor- made terms of instalment payment. Our consultants will give you more details about the payment.

Please be advised that all clients eager to assess the construction activities for themselves are kindly invited to take a tour around the site area where they will be able to watch the progress of the construction of RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood, while on a tour.

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