Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев


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Apartments with a terrace

What do you need to know about apartments with terraces in RYBALSKY to buy one of them without hesitation? Just a few facts are enough: the location of our apartments on the last floors, ergonomic layouts, a view of the Dnieper with the green hills of Trukhanov Island or a boulevard with sakura trees and plans. But it seems to us that the main advantage of our apartments is in the terraces. This is your ideal space for breakfast, outdoor yoga classes and at the same time inside the apartment and romantic evenings with a glass of wine. Choosing an apartment with a terrace in RYBALSKY, you will have many scenarios for spending your leisure time and a lot of reasons for inspiration.

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Features of apartments with terraces

Apartments with terraces are located on the last floors of our houses - mainly 8, 9 and 10 levels. There are two-level apartments on the 9th and 10th floors, so the RYBALSKY architects decided to take advantage of this and in some apartments they designed two terraces at once - on each floor. If you like single-level layouts on the 8th floor there are just such apartments and also with a terrace.

In addition to the fact that on your terrace you can see the boulevard and the Dnieper, you can enjoy the endless sky above your head - the blue sky during the day and make wishes with a starfall at night.

How to buy an apartment with a terrace in RYBALSKY?

If you have not been to our area yet, we invite you to the address: Naberezhno-Rybalskaya road, 3, 9. Our sales managers will show you the layouts of apartments with a terrace, which are available, and arrange a tour of RYBALSKY. After walking along our boulevard and getting to know the architecture of the houses, you will definitely want to live here. Don`t waste your time, come to us and choose the apartment of your dreams.