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Two-Room Apartments in RYBALSKY

A two-room apartment will suit perfectly a couple with one child. You can choose for yourself the appropriate floor space, layout, section, floor and the preferred view from the window. The main benefit about purchasing the two-room apartment lies in larger rooms and available balcony.

Two-Room Apartments in RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood

The smallest two-room apartment in RN RYBALSKY has the floor space of 55 m 2 . The apartments are planned so as to preserve the useful space to capacity; in the expertsТ opinion this influences favourably the mood and health of people. Besides, the living floor space of such an apartment will prove ideal for the people who think of having a child.


The main benefits of the 2-room apartments in RYBALSKY consist in a small gap in their price as compared with their 1-room counterparts. Moreover, the two-room apartments have a balcony and a storeroom, while one-room apartments have only a recessed balcony. As a matter of fact, you will have far more opportunities in a 2-room apartment to make your designer fancies come true. It should be added that RYBALSKY invites its customers to materialize any, even the most audacious, design-driven fancy thanks to the free layout of the residential space: it is very convenient because it allows taking into consideration all your preferences and requirements.


A two-room apartment in RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood may come true between one breath and another. It is very easy to choose the home of your dreams. For more details about the cost of the apartment you may order a call-back and our Sales Department experts will give you feedback at your convenience. You are kindly invited to take a guided tour around the construction site where you will be able to watch the progress of the construction of the residential neighbourhood RYBALSKY.

By the way, we have prepared tailor-made instalment payment terms for every customer.

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