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Four-Room Apartments in RYBALSKY

A four-room apartment provides ideal residential premises for large families and its metric area allows arranging the space in the way most comfortable for everyone. The best and the most advantageous way to improve living conditions for such families is to purchase a four-room apartment from the developer where the cost will turn out to be far less than that on the secondary market.

Four-Room Apartments in RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood

Purchasing a 4-room apartment in RYBALSKY is a remunerably expedient investment as the real estate does nothing but increase in price over the course of time and that is why such residential space will cost far more down the years.

The apartments in the under-construction residential neighbourhood RYBALSKY are an excellent option for the people who want to expand their living space. Those are located in modern buildings with a good transport accessibility, which will be highly appreciated by advanced people who want to reach quickly the downtown or key underground stations.


The primary benefit of the 4-room apartments of this residential estate is, of course, their huge living space - up from 106 м ².Besides, RN RYBALSKY has available duplex options of such apartments. The families with children know how important it is to provide every child with personal space that generates the sense of protection and freedom. There will be enough personal space for every family member in the 4-room apartment, which will contribute to supportive harmony of the co-existence under the same roof.

Artistic personalities with various hobbies are also going to appreciate the 4-room apartment space where one can arrange studies, studios or workshops. In this respect the 4-room apartment is an infinite field for the implementation of various most audacious concepts. It is cosy, with light rooms, a large kitchen, a number of bathrooms, spacious balconies and even an access to an outdoor porch where you can drink a cup of coffee under the open sky or sunbathe in summer. Also, RYBALSKY invites its owners to materialize any design-driven concepts thanks to the free layout of the residential space.


Substantial expertise and profound understanding of the customer requirements have made it possible for us to create a truly comfortable domestic housing. For more details about our 4-room apartments as well as in order to learn how you can benefit from your individually tailored instalment payment plan please call our Sales Department by merely ordering a call-back. You are also kindly invited to take a tour around the construction site where you can assess for yourself the construction progress in terms of compliance with the construction schedule and speak with our experts personally, while on a tour.

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