Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
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Apartments in Podil

Podilskyi District is one of the most popular boroughs of Kyiv to be considered comfortable for living. Besides, Podil is one of the most beautiful areas of the capital, full of various architectural edifices, parks, museums and theatres. However, the available social and transportation infrastructure makes it most comfortable for living and working.

Real Estate of Podilskyi District

Purchasing apartments in Podil is the dream for many people who want to live in the heart of Kyiv, not far from the Dnipro River and the downtown area. The RYBALSKY Peninsular is the place selected by us for constructing RYBALSKY, which appears very convenient in terms of transport junction. You can reach the downtown by car in 15 minutes and Poshtova Ploshcha and Kontraktova Ploshcha underground stations in 10 minutes. Even if you leave your car at home the RYBALSKY Peninsular is connected to the city by means of the bus itinerary network linking Podil and Obolon. So, it will be no trouble for you to reach any point of the city from here.

Purchasing apartments in the progress of construction appears to be of the best benefit because the real estate always costs less at this stage than in a ready-to-occupy building.

Where to Purchase Apartment in Podil

Do you want to live in Podilskyi District, enjoying the view on the Dnipro River from the windows of your own apartment? Then your choice is the new residential neighbourhood RYBALSKY.

RN RYBALSKY is being built according to the tailor-made design by using the state-of-the-art technologies and the superior quality materials. RYBALSKY stands for the fulfilled idea of comfortable and perfect living near water in the heart of a metropolitan city.

By using the experience of the European countries the developer creates the space accommodating residential blocks with a developed infrastructure. One of the distinctive features of this complex is the system of city channels penetrating the residential blocks and forming pedestrian quays. Besides, this area is expected to be the first to accommodate a bathing place within a residential neighbourhood in Kyiv.

Large panoramic windows, a thoroughly elaborated landscape design, a two-tier underground level car park, sports and childrenТs playgrounds, parks and recreational areas, - all this will ensure the top comfort and trouble-free living for the owners of the apartments in RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood.

Podil is an exceptional area where one cannot help enjoying the life. If you are flared up with the idea to become part of it, then RN RYBALSKY will help your dream come true to the full.