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Сommercial real estate

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Commercial real estate in Rybalsky residential neighbourhood

RYBALSKY is a multi-purpose neighbourhood consisting of residential and commercial premises. The neighbourhood is developed within the framework of the renovation of the industrial zone on the Rybalsky Peninsula in Podil and is located on 3,9, Naberezhno-Rybalska Street.

Today's real estate of Kyiv is a reliable and profitable investment. Especially when it comes to non-residential premises. The demand for high-quality real estate objects in the city centre exceeds supply, which contributes to the constant increase of their value.

Particular vigilance has been exercised in selection of future owners of commercial real estate, taking into account the needs of the residents of the metropolis. Neighbourhood with business objects will be mutually beneficial and comfortable for the residents of the Rybalsky residential neighbourhood. Before purchasing commercial real estate in the RYBALSKY from the developers SAGA Development and Perfect Group, we strongly advise you to familiarize with the features, cost and terms of its purchasing.

Сommercial real estate
Сommercial real estate


For the residents of the metropolis, location of the workplace within walking distance is one of the hallmarks of welfare. Everyday ordinary Kyivan spends more than two hours on the way to work and back home. Realizing this, we create workplaces within our neighbourhood – first of all, for its residents. We offer commercial premises for art studios, architectural workshops, notary offices, offices of law firms.


People often buy things during pleasant walks, because they do it with pleasure and in no hurry, and the newly purchased items later bring pleasant memories. We took this into account and arranged the pedestrian boulevard, strolling along which you can enjoy fragrant coffee, delicious cakes or make the necessary purchases.

• The length of the boulevard is 300 m
• 2500 m2 of trade area
• Over 20 concept stores with separate entrances and large show-windows

Сommercial real estate
Сommercial real estate


One of our goals is the development of an active and diversified infrastructure in the Rybalsky residential neighbourhood that facilitates communication.

Rest near the water – what could be better? And the establishments located near the water – a real dream of the restaurateurs. That is why we have provided for a whole range of restaurants along the picturesque channel – zest of the residential neighbourhood. We offer adapted commercial premises for your restaurant:

• • The length of the channel embankment is 330 m
• 9200 m2 of area full of restaurants
• More than 25 different establishments
• Direct and unobstructed access to the water
• Ability to develop summer area
• Observation possibilities


We take care of our residents, therefore, in order to provide a wide range of medical services, we have provided premises for a full range of medical facilities and facilities for maintaining health and beauty:

• Specialized Clinic
• Dentist`s office
• Family doctor`s office
• Pharmacies
• Private medical practice
• Wellness and SPA

Сommercial real estate
Сommercial real estate

Advantages of renting commercial real estate

We know at least three reasons why you should rent commercial real estate in the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood:

• Variety of options. You can rent premises for a shop, restaurant, cafe, bank branch, beauty salon, fitness club, photo studio or office.
• Expenses for renting the non-residential real estate are substantially lower compared with expenses for its purchase.
• We are building a new city centre – modern, dynamic and open, and therefore, your services will not be left without attention of the residents and guests of the residential neighbourhood.

Since the total number of residents of the Rybalsky will exceed 20 000 (it is expected that in the first 9 quarters, their number will be more than 4000), as well as taking into account the continuous flow of the residents of the city, it is safe to say that the territory will be in high demand, and your investments will be promising. To find out more details on the terms of purchase and rent of commercial real estate contact our Sales Department.

Commercial real estate in other residential complexes of SAGA

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