Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
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Commercial Real Estate in RYBALSKY Residential Neighbourhood

The commercial real estate in RN RYBALSKY is of special interest to business. It accounts for the fact that wealthy people are going to live here who can afford to have a good time.

We encourage your paying attention to the fact that RYBALSKY will occupy quite a large area (about 3,500 m2) where you can launch your business: to open a shop, a restaurant, a coffee-house, a bank branch, a beauty parlour, a fitness club or a photo-studio, - all this will be in great demand among the residents of RYBALSKY.

New-Type Non-Residential Real Estate

RN RYBALSKY is located in a densely populated district of Kyiv with excellent traffic communications (there is Podil, Obolon, Poshtova and Kontraktova underground stations, key underground stations nearby), which ensures a high attendance record of trade facilities and other establishments.

RYBALSKY is an awesome marketplace for all businesses. The developed infrastructure of this residential estate makes it perfect for locating any commercial premises, and in this respect you will not need to search for clients: they will be at home here.

The non-residential real estate will be distributed in RN RYBALSKY equally for the convenience of the residents of the apartment blocks. You can be absolutely sure that no twin boutique of fashionable clothes or coffee-house will be opened in your vicinity - your business will flourish with us.