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Procedure for keys transfer to investors of RYBALSKY

Procedure for keys transfer to investors of RYBALSKY
  • calender 26.03.2019

You purchased the apartment in the RYBALSKY and your building received the Verification Certificate of Readiness. How fast can you get the keys and start long-awaited repairs? Of course, each investor wants to speed up signing of the principal agreement and become the official owner of the apartment within the shortest possible time, but this is preceded by a number of mandatory procedures.

This process is described below in stages.


  1. After commissioning of the building, we submit the documents for assigning the postal address to the facility.
  2. Simultaneously, we invite the managing company to inspect the apartments and identify the shortcomings. This is a very important procedure, because after the residents move into, the managing company will maintain the facility in a proper condition: will maintain the engineering networks of the building, monitor the serviceability of the heating systems, etc.
  3. After acceptance of the apartments by the managing company, the service department managers will draw up a schedule for inviting investors to review the apartments and signing the Inspection Certificate.
  4. Simultaneously, the process of registration of the ownership over the Funds shall take place.
  5. After the Fund has acquired ownership over the apartment, it is necessary to make one hundred percent payment of its cost. By this moment the measurements of the premises have already been made and their floor space has been fixed. The Fund shall notify the investor by a letter-notice of the actual floor space of ​​the apartment. If there is a discrepancy between the actual and the design floor space of the premises, the final settlement shall be carried out between the Fund and the investor. For example, if the actual floor space is larger, the investor shall pay for the extra square meters, if smaller – the Fund shall return the difference to the buyer.
  6. After settlement of the financial issues and obtaining the certificate of payment, registration of the basic documents and transfer of ownership to the investor shall take place.
  7. One of the mandatory steps is also signing of an agreement between the investor and the managing company.
  8. After the investor acquires the ownership and pays the invoice for removal of construction rubbish, the investor receives the keys and may begin repairs in his/her apartment.


If you have any questions, you may contact the service department by calling (044) 494 04 00.

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