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Procedure for ordering redesign of apartment in RYBALSKY?

Procedure for ordering redesign of apartment in RYBALSKY?
  • calender 26.06.2019

All buildings in the RYBALSKY are erected under the cast-in-place frame technology. Due to this after purchase of an apartment you may change layout of the rooms to your own taste. In order to minimize the expenses in the process of repair, we offer you to carry out redesign before commissioning of the object, namely, at the stage of construction works.

We will answer your most up-to-date questions about this procedure.


You want to order redesign of apartment. Whom should you address? 


If you want to redesign your apartment, the first step is to apply to the Service Department over the telephone (044) 494 04 00. Manager will appoint a meeting in order to discuss your wishes with regard to the change of the interior walls together with an architect. After this, we will prepare the draft of a new design and agree upon it with you. In order to make erection comply with the norms of construction, the apartment plan should obviously be examined by the project manager and chief architect. Only after these stages we introduce the changes into the work documentation and start redesign in the apartment.  


When is redesign free?

If the walls in your apartment have not been erected yet, you may order redesign of the rooms for free.  However, it is important for you to visit the Service Department not less than 30 days before the start of the masonry works. This is a compulsory condition, as precisely this term is required for development of the project of the apartment and its approval.

Free redesign of the apartment also includes project and installation and construction works.


When do you need to pay for redesign and what is included into such payment?

Even if the interior walls are already constructed in your apartment, you may order their redesign. In this case you pay only for installation and construction works, namely, dismantling of the walls, which have been constructed already, and blockwork. Development of the apartment project is free.

The cost of redesign will depend on quantity of the materials, amount and complexity of works. Sometimes change of the interior doors requires replacement of utility connections and redesign of a two-level apartment sometimes requires placement of the holes for the stairs, thus, the cost estimate will be calculated depending on the investor`s request.

You pay for the redesign only after approval of the cost estimate and entering into agreement.


Are there any restrictions in redesign of apartment?

Yes, there are. We support safety of the residents, compliance with the construction norms and architect cohesiveness of our buildings. Thus, while discussing the changes in redesign we may not agree upon the following provisions:

  • change of the existing constructions – their irregularity impact the operating safety of the building,
  • change of the size, layout and colour of the windows – change of one of the elements of the facade worsens the architectural concept of the district,
  • glazing of the balconies, recessed balconies and patios – disturbs the architect cohesiveness of the building and contradicts the State Construction Norms,
  • increase or reduction of the number of sanitary facilities – “wet points” may affect the lower and higher floors,
  • demolishing of the ventilation blocks and transportation of the utility connections – influences the quality of the building, as well.


If you still have questions, you may receive answers to them in the Service Department. The managers work from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00. You may contact them by the number (044) 494 04 00 or by sending a letter to the e-mail address service@saga-development.com.ua.


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