Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев


Space for living

Lower floors of the buildings will be occupied with shops, supermarkets, service centres, cafes, restaurants, boutiques, showrooms, beauty salons, so the residents of a district will have everything necessary close to them, within walking distance of just a few minutes away from the building. Children will be able to study not far from their home, since an educational complex will be opened at RYBALSKY. We fit out open-air sports grounds at a boulevard and in the courtyards. We also took care of medical infrastructure; pharmacies, family clinics, outpatient clinics, ophthalmology clinics, as well as veterinary offices will operate at RYBALSKY. The offices will occupy second and third floors of some of the buildings. Later, IT-companies, art and architectural studios, law agencies will be opened there.

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Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев
real estate
IT Offices
art studios
architectural workshops
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Water channel
Da Vinci Dental clinic
Happy and healthy residents will live in the RYBALSKY and the Da Vinci Dental clinic will take care of their brilliant smiles. The specialists of the dental clinic will provide with a full package of services: treatment and tooth filling, surgery, implantation and dental prosthetics, preventive treatment, X-ray control, aesthetic dentistry. A particular advantage of the clinic is the use of innovation technic – highly precise medical optics enabling painless and absolutely safe treatment of the patients. The clinic has its own doctors for the smallest visitors. Parents may not worry about their baby – there will be no pain, long suasions or other usual images of visiting a dentist with a child. An attendance in the Da Vinci Dental clinic is carried out while playing: the doctor will obviously become a friend of your child, he will tell exciting stories about his work and will give answers to all questions. A little patient will obviously receive a present and certificate of merit after the visit. Very soon the Da Vinci Dental will open its doors in the RYBALSKY. The dental clinic will work on the ground floor of building No. 3 (section 5)
MamaDentist pediadontology

MamaDentist is famous as the clinic with family traditions. Such concept is not an accident. Several generations of doctors have transferred their knowledge and experience to the specialists of the clinic in order to give a possibility to little patients and their parents to receive painless the high quality treatment. The particularity of the clinic is its wide specialization. The certified doctors of the MamaDentist have an experience not only in dentistry, but also in paediatrics and psychotherapy, therefore, doctors will definitely find an approach to your child here and turn the attendance into an exciting adventure. And due to use of the modern treatment methodology a child will not feel any pain and will not be scared to visit a dentist anymore. The specialists of the MamaDentist support health and safety of their patients, therefore, they do not use general anaesthesia. Even with the acute pain, the treatment is carried out without tears and worries of children. There is a list of special services for parents in the clinic. The residents of the RYBALSKY may already personally familiarize with the schedule and specificity of the work of the clinic. The MamaDentist clinic will work in the 2nd section of building No. 3.

Dental MamaDentist
Water channel
K5 Architectural group
It is nice to have neighbours-aesthetes nearby, especially, in case if it is an art studio. You may entrust to its specialists, design of your apartment and if you plan to buy a country house, the architects will gladly help you to implement the project of your dreams. The residents of the RYBALSKY may use services of the K5 Architectural group. Its office is located on the ground floor of building No. 9 (section 2). We are waiting for opening!
KeCo`s Salon

We know which place in the RYBALSKY will be the most popular with the female population – the KeCo (Kenyiz Cosmetics), the salon and shop of natural cosmetics. Address of its location: building No. 3, Section 1, premises No. 16. Here you can buy the care products of the Korean brand The Skin House, as well as use the services of a stylist, makeup artist, cosmetologist and manicurist.

Since 2017, the KeCo has been a cosmetics distributor in Korea. All products have only natural and safe ingredients, that is why the company has gained favour with Ukrainian women. The KeCo stands for quality and regular facial and body care. Here you will always find a tool that will help to improve condition of your skin, preserve your natural beauty and help you fall in love with yourself again. “Freedom to Be Yourself” is the philosophy of the KeCo that inspires thousands of customers and will definitely be implemented in the RYBALSKY.

We look forward to opening a salon in our neighbourhood!

KeCo`s Salon
Cafe I lo..
Cafe I lo..

You see a cafe called I lo… How do you continue this phrase? Our option is “I love”. And we will be right, because the new establishment in the RYBALSKY is true love. Delicious breakfasts all day long, fresh croissants with all kinds of toppings, fragrant coffee and a special treat for sweet tooth – desserts in the centre of the neighbourhood; a special cafe will be opened on the ground floor of the building No. 9.

The most delicious seasonal cream soups are cooked in I lo ... There are always salads on the establishment`s menu, the recipe of which you will definitely want to find out. And of course, you can eat toasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The visitors will be able to buy all the ingredients that are served in the café and take it home with themselves. Various types of cheese, wine, hamon and flavoured bread will be available in a separate shopping area.

Evening in the I lo .. is time for cocktails. Invite your better half for a date or celebrate your moving to a new apartment in the RYBALSKY!

“5 element” Fitness-club

The “5th element” – the largest sports complex in Ukraine with swimming pools, fitness-halls and tennis courts is located near the RYBALSKY. The classes on various sports are held here and beauty and health services are provided here. For the club members there are several cards and tariff plans, therefore, you may choose the best option for yourself.

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