Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев

transport infrastructure

  • Convenient transport link with Podil and Obolon
  • System of superquarters which provides variability of movement routes
  • Capacious underground parkings meant for houses` inhabitants
  • For guest parking special pockets are made separately from vehicles movement lines
  • Localization of external noise sources due to application of special absorbent baffles

Main advantages

  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants
  • City infrastructure
  • Services sector
  • Recreation and entertainment centers
  • Sports grounds and playgrounds, runners` routes
  • Children`s playgrounds
  • Educational institutions
  • Pharmacies and medical institutions
  • Cultural anchors which attract Kyiv city-folk and city guests

Educational institution

and health services

Important part of RYBALSKY infrastructure is 2 schools and 2 children-gardens located at the territory of residential area

One of these schools is our ambitious project named RYBALSKY SCHOOL. We are creating this unique in Ukraine educational institution with the involvement of western experts.

Also, we`ve taken care of creation of advanced medical infrastructure which will contain family polyclinics, ambulant clinics, ophthalmology clinics and veterinaries.

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