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Facade finishing in RYBALSKY

Facade finishing in RYBALSKY
  • calender 09.10.2018

Modern Kyiv is distinguished by buildings diversity both by height and by facade design. While competing for attention of the investors, developers sometimes do not take into account the opinion of their “neighbours” and overall architecture of the area.

The RYBALSKY has different approach to buildings finishing. We use a concept of a low-rise development and wish the residents of the neighbourhood would not feel themselves like in the concrete jungles. We take into account location of the neighbourhood and advantageously fit it into the context of historical Podil. Of course, we also follow the recent architecture trends and create a stylish neighbourhood recognisable among the other buildings of the capital. See for yourself. Finishing of buildings No. 3 and No. 9 of the neighbourhood is coming to an end – below we will tell about them in details.

Technologies. While finishing the buildings in the RYBALSKY, we used two state-of-the art technologies: we used ventilated curtain facades for the walls from the side of the boulevard and a render system for the courtyard.

In the first case a construction consists of several elements: thermal insulating and water-proof coats, insulant and facing material. Ventilated isolation joints, which increase thermal insulation properties, have been formed in the process of installation of a framework: an air circulating between the wall and the facing material prevents the formation of condensation and excessive moisture. Such facade is power efficient as saves warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

When constructing a render system, we installed a mounting lathing on the insulant and stucco coat with further colouring on the top. An advantage of such technology is that it enables to choose any colour and wall texture.

Materials. For heat insulation of buildings No. 3 and No. 9 we choose a non-flammable slag wool, it steams well and does not lock in moisture. Final materials for the facades from the side of the boulevard are brick tile, ceramic granite, aluminium compositions, fibre cement and fibrous gypsum.

We have chosen brick tile of a brown colour for a building finish in the RYBALSKY, it lays on the insulating coat and protects the facade from water, dirt accumulation and mechanical damage.

Ceramic granite, tiles from aluminium composition and fibre cement are the materials that mostly comply with our demands at present time. They are robust, moisture-proof, easy to install and do not create any load on the main walls of the building. An exclusive advantage of these materials is a large choice of colours. The main colour tones harmoniously combined in the facade are brown and grey. Bright grey fibrous gypsum accomplishes a more decorative function and is used mainly in building No. 3.

Stylish or high-quality? Recognizable or energy efficient? We do not make concessions when it comes to the facade decoration and use the state-of-the art technologies for designing buildings in the RYBALSKY. See for yourself! We invite you to the Sales Department located at the following address: 3, 9, Naberezhno-Rybalska. Our managers will arrange a guided tour around a neighbourhood and offer to visit the showroom, where you will be able to get acquainted with the samples of materials.

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