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Grocery store "Kolo" has opened in RYBALSKY!

Grocery store
  • calender 22.02.2021

We are always happy when someone from RYBALSKY residents celebrates a housewarming party. But we especially love it when a new coffee shop or grocery store opens in our buildings, and residents can enjoy delicious coffee and buy fresh food without leaving their neighborhood.

Last Saturday, all RYBALSKY residents were invited to the opening of the new Kolo store. Now on the first floor of building #3 there is a grocery store, which offers fresh vegetables and fruits, pastries, sandwiches, dairy and sausage products, and cheeses. Also in "Kolo" they prepare coffee to go and sell sweets.

You no longer need to go to the supermarket, you can just go down to the first floor of your house or walk to the next one, and after shopping, take more coffee with you and walk along the boulevard. Great plan, isn`t it?

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