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Grand opening night: LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY will be opened in RYBALSKY

Grand opening night:  LERA LITVINOVA GALLERY will be opened in RYBALSKY
  • calender 11.12.2018

On the 14th of December Lera Litvinova Gallery will host the visitors at the new address: 3, Naberezhno-Rybalska Str. Landmark opening of the location will take place in еру RYBALSKY on the ground floor of building No. 3 at 07:00 p.m.

“The mission of the SAGA Development is to create stylish and comfortable residential space. We implement this mission by means of non-standard architecture, convenient public spaces and modern art objects. We are sure that the future residents of the RYBALSKY residential complex admire modern art like we do and the art space Lera Litvinova Gallery will become one of the favourite places for their cultural leisure time”, - notes CEO of the SAGA Development Andrii Varvysh.

The gallery will start its work with the philosophy project “Response area”. This is a new vision of modern arts of the structure of human spirituality. The authors of the pictures analyse the duality of personal qualities of a human, think over the subject of integrity and with the help of art try to find the answers on the socially important questions “Can we talk about our spirits honestly? Can we share our emotions and tell about our pain or joy?”

According to the officer in charge of the project Leonora Yanko, “Response area” is a sort of research of relationships between people, reactions to positive communication, ability of the individuals to be open in the society.

The exhibition will present the works of modern Ukrainian artists: Anna Voloshko, Dariia Ivashchenko, Alla Volobuieva, Yurii Shapoval, Alina Haieva, Lera Litvinova, Astian Rey, Yevhen Shapovalov, Yuliia Poliakova, Daniil Kozeletskyi, Artem Andriichuk (Kaffelman), Denys Horodnychyi.

The new location for the gallery was not chosen randomly. First of all, the RYBALSKY attracts attention by its conception – format of the European town, where cosiness and comfort are the top priority, and landscapes and creative solutions inspire to generate ideas.

We invite everyone interested to familiarize with the works of modern artists. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge. The event opening will start at 07:00 p.m.

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