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Enrique Penalosa Phenomenon

Enrique Penalosa Phenomenon
  • calender 05.07.2017

"The real source of wealth is people. People who create, who are highly qualified. Such people are in high demand today. That`s why the quality of urban life is the main element of modern economic growth," – says Enrique Penalosa, the man who breathed life into Bogota – the city whose residents had previously refused to even identify themselves with it.

The capital of Colombia has gained worldwide fame due to the fact that according to its mayor, "for people to be happy, they need to walk, just as fish need to swim, not to survive, but to feel happy." It is Bogota where the city environment oriented solely to the needs of the townspeople has been recently created. Inspired by the idea of ​​urbanism, Penalosa began to implement de-auto-mobilization – he refused to invest in roads, and concentrated on pedestrian areas, construction of bicycle paths, squares, kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions. In addition, thanks to him, the public transport system TransMilenio was created. Establishing control over public transport system by the local authorities, Bogota  bid farewell  to the chaotic scheme of the bus service and the stress factor accompanying this situation.

Thanks to the perseverance, Enrique Penalosa`s dream to do something for his people has become a reality. His direct merit was the reduction of the gap between the affluent communities and the residents of poor areas, reduction of the crime rate, transformation of the city into a way of life. Now these changes serve as a methodology for reorganization of space for many city governors and developers.

Bogota is a new way of life, where all necessary requirements for achieving a low-cost existence have been met, and quality of living environment, as well as health, has been brought to a corresponding level.

Speaking about health, the increase in a number of pedestrian zones is an excellent incentive to keep oneself in shape, because walking helps in complex emotional and physiological states, relieves stress, raises mood and gives strength. Walking is the simplest kind of sport having beneficial effect on the entire human body, on its health and appearance.

Based on the experience of Penalosa, the developers of RYBALSKY applied a new development concept – the authenticity of the district was preserved, channels were created, no high-rise buildings, no highways and MAFs, and the parking lots are hidden. Having carefully studied the question, the project brings the quality of life to a new level, offering the residents of the capital a cosy place with developed infrastructure, city parks, where every resident is guaranteed a daily dose of endorphin.

"The happiness of people depends on how we plan the city", says Enrique Penalosa. This simple thesis should encourage everyone who takes the liberty to adequately care of their city and its residents.

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