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Principles of faсade Design

You have bought an apartment in the RYBALSKY and you are going to renovate it. You have some ideas on rooms’ interior and how your dream balcony will look like. If design of an apartment is only your decision, which we are ready to support, the design of faсade demands some requirements. Such demands include the following main points:

  • Not to change the original decoration of outer walls; not to paint faсade, revet it, insulate or ornament it.
  • Not to glaze loggias, balconies, terraces.
  • Not to change utility systems: not to dismantle the condensate drainage system, ventilation and hot tray/funnel.
In addition, we compiled a list of rules on the placement of air conditioning, faсade illumination, decoration of the floor and awning installation.

Placement of air conditioning

   The RYBALSKY’s loggias, balconies and terraces are equipped with the drainage system for condensate water discharge. Such action is not provided on particular types of balconies inside the yard. Apartment owners should install multi-split systems for several rooms and place outer blocks on loggia.

   We are against air conditioning on the front faсade of the building, so we created separate area for that and named it “The place for air conditioning”. It can be situated on a loggia, balcony or terrace lower than the rail level – on the floor near the blind pier. The block should face the street.

Faсade and balcony illumination

One can use bulkhead luminaires in size of 300x300 mm to illuminate loggias. Their wattage should be equal to 60 W. and the heat of emitted light should not be above 2700K (Warm White Light). Such luminaires are allowed to be installed in the centre of the blind pier on height of doorways of window aperture. If the height of the doorway is equal to the wall, illumination tools must be placed not higher than 150 mm to the ceiling. Only exterior lighting without mounting to the faсade can be used on balconies and terraces. Luminaire cannot be high, so that it will not roll over the railings or fence, when it is windy. It is recommended to choose the luminaires of neutral colours with the heat up to 2700K.

Faсade backlight

Nowadays the buildings are already equipped with the elements of the backlight. They are a part of the RYBALSKY architecture concept, and they supposed to emphasize the beauty of faсade. RYBALSKY forbids using additional backlight of outer walls (beside allowed one). In addition, one cannot dismantle installed luminaires.

Awning placement

Awning is a fabric covering for sun protection. In the RYBALSKY, you can install such covering only on balconies and terraces, herewith it should be composed of one-color fabric without any ornaments, letterings and extra decoration. The size of the awning should fit the size of doorway and window aperture:

  • covering on balconies cannot be bigger than the depth of them, the width should also fit the outline of the doorway or window aperture;
  • the size of the awning should not exceed 80% of the depth on terrace.

Awning installation on the front and courtyard faсades

You can install sun protection covering on the front faсade only on 7th, 9th and 10th floors in specially designated place:

  • above the windows on a terrace;
  • above the windows and door on open balconies.
If there is another balcony above, you cannot install the awning only above one part of a balcony and on a faсade. It is not recommended to place the sun protection construction simply above the windows of an apartment, on architectural elements and the elements of a faсade decoration. In addition, it is forbidden to use coverings, the size of which exceeds the window on a terrace. Awnings can be installed in courtyards only above open balconies. The placement of coverings on loggias and windows without balconies is forbidden.

The decoration of floor on balconies, terraces and loggias

The floor of balconies, terraces and loggias is also a part of area exterior, so that, while choosing the material for its decoration, one should adhere to restrained colour spectrum. The best material for it is monochrome tile from light-grey to dark-grey colour

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