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Design code in action: first address pointers installed in RYBALSKY

  • calender 03.07.2020

Remember we told you about the design code developed specifically for RYBALSKY? We even added a separate section to the site, where we collected all the rules for placing address signs, design of residential and commercial facades. Today we want to show you how these rules are implemented in life.

The first navigation signs were installed on houses No. 3 and 9 - with the address, house number, entrance and apartments. Of course, the signs are designed and located on the facade in accordance with the Kiev Address Signs Rules. We also adhered to the principle that houses should be identified from any side - in our case, these are 8 points at the corners of the building.

The color of the signs, the material, the font, the type of attachment - everything is clear from the design code. We continue to follow its rules in order to maintain the beauty and architectural style of our area.

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