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Visit RYBALSKY to get New Year`s presents!

Visit RYBALSKY to get New Year`s presents!
  • calender 10.12.2018

What do people like more than getting presents? It`s to make presents. There will be a lot of presents this month! Especially for the winter holidays, we have prepared many New Year`s offers to make you dream of living in the RYBALSKY come true.

Holiday prices for separate apartments!

It does not matter whether you are only looking for the accommodation in the RYBALSKY or have already made your decision on the layout, our offer will be useful to you. On the eve of holidays, we offer special prices for the selected apartments. Find out more details in the Sales Department; it`s possible that there is a promotional discount for your apartment.

11th building – 11 months without any price rises

Short period of time has passed since we announced news about the start of sale of apartments in a new building near the channel, and we are ready to please you with another joyful news. When purchasing an apartment in building No.11, its cost will not change over the next 11 months.

In the new building, the floor space of ​​the apartments varies from 40.45 m² to 165.39 m². Among the layouts, there are both one-room and two-level four-room apartments with terraces, two bathrooms and dressing rooms. Particular advantage of the building is a view of the channel. So, if you have always dreamed of living by the water, it`s time to choose the RYBALSKY!

Purchase an apartment and get money for a trip to Bukovel!

The best start of the new year is a trip to your favourite place. When purchasing the apartment in the RYBALSKY, you will get money for a trip to the most popular resort in Ukraine - Bukovel.

Purchase a four-room apartment and get a subscription to the "5 Element" Sport Club!

The RYBALSKY cares not only about your comfort, but also about your health. This year, we give a subscription to the "5 Element" Sport Club – one of the largest sports clubs in Kyiv to each buyer of a four-room apartment.

In the RYBALSKY the floor space of ​​a four-room apartment varies from 95 m² to 184 m². Choosing this type of layout option will give you maximum space for your family.

Find out about the terms of holiday offers from the Sales Department managers.

Promotions are valid until January 15.

We are waiting for you at the following address: 3, 9, Naberezhno-Rybalska Street. Also, you may call: (044) 498-02-00.

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