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Detailed Territorial Plan of Rybalsky peninsula: facts against populism

Detailed Territorial Plan of Rybalsky peninsula: facts against populism
  • calender 27.02.2018

On the 21st of February the press office of Kyiv District Administrative Court made public the data on the fact that the court had recognized as unlawful and abolished the judgment of the Kyiv City Council "On approval of the detailed plan of the territory within the boundaries of the Elektrykiv Street and Naberezhno-Rybalska Road in Podilskyi District of Kyiv". This judgement and emotional statement of the plaintiff – the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yurii Levchenko, on a Facebook page raised concerns of the public and mass media about the destiny of the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood.

The Riverside Development has already declared that they would appeal against the judgment of the Kyiv District Administrative Court which has not yet entered into force at the earliest possible time. We are sure that a Court of Appeal will recognize the Detailed Territorial Plan of Rybalsky peninsula as lawful. Our confidence is based on firmly established juridical practice: the lawfulness of construction of the RYBALSKY, its compliance with the Detailed Territorial Plan and the General Plan were confirmed by the judgements of the Commercial Court of Kyiv as of May 25, 2017, Court of Appeal of Kyiv as of July 26, 2017 and Supreme Commercial Court of Kyiv as of September 27, 2017.

Firstly, the statement that the Detailed Territorial Plan fails to comply with the General Plan of Kyiv does not stand up to scrutiny. Section 5 of the current General Plan envisages that in order to rehabilitate the natural complex it is necessary to relocate the industrial enterprises, including, Podil-Kurenivskyi industrial district, which includes Rybalsky peninsula, outside of the protected shoreline belt of Dnipro. The General Plan envisages allocation of land plots for residential development on that part of the territory, which can be included into the existing residential districts. The Rybalsky peninsula, constituting the southern and central part of Podil-Kureniskyi industrial district, is recommended to be used for multifunctional development and the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood is exactly such a development. Besides, the General Plan provides an establishment of 4 new industrial districts outside of Kyiv.

Gen plan 1Gen plan 1

It means that the Detailed Territorial Plan of Rybalsky peninsula was developed in full compliance with the General Plan and applicable urban planning legislation.

Secondly, Yurii Levchenko also states that destruction of a military plant shall be deemed a crime against the state. It is clear that the country shall have plants, including military ones. But, firstly, the modern plants do not need such big territories as they used to 30-50 years ago. Secondly, nowadays there is no place for such plants in the central part of European capital, the international experience confirms the reasonability to remove them outside the urban areas. At the same time, all over the world the former industrial districts are being reconstructed to the residential districts and fit perfectly into the environment. Such experience has been implemented in such projects as: Haffen-City in Hamburg, Confluence in Lion, Krøyers Plads in Copenhagen, Baku White City in Baku and others, now it is being implemented in Kyiv in the RYBALSKY project.

Thirdly, the statement of Deputy Levchenko about extreme height and development density of the Rybalsky peninsula is considered to be populist. Planned number of the floors in the buildings in Rybalsky is almost two times less that the one in the majority of new buildings of Kyiv: 12 floors against 25. A multifunctional building, fitting in perfectly residential, commercial premises and public area, is provided here. The project envisages establishment of Rybalsky Family Port, an innovative educational complex, which includes school, kindergarten, development studios, sport groups, hobby groups, cafes and family co-working. The public areas will be presented as embankments along the channel and summer recreation zones, including, summer cinema. The commercial premises on the ground floors of the buildings have been elaborated in the project at its first stage, what may be seen in the height of the ceilings on the grounds floors, special air ventilation and drain systems. Owing to the shops, cafes, restaurants and office premises, life on Rybnaslky peninsula will be active not only in the evening and on the weekends, but also during the workday.

Fourthly, one of the main objectives in designing the RYBALSKY was to reduce a circular migration: multifunctional development will help to decrease a traffic load on adjacent roads, and owing to commercial premises inside of the neighbourhood not all of its residents will need to leave it. Also a new traffic scheme specified in the Detailed Territorial Plan will help to solve the traffic load issue. It provides a connection of Rybalsky with Podil by Podil-Voskresenskyi bridge, and also division of road streams in two traffic corridors on the southern and northern directions. The movement from Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street to Bandera Avenue, as now, will be organized along Naberezhno-Rybalska Street. Movement in the opposite direction will be organized along Electrykiv Street through a specially created tunnel under the railway. In addition to arrangement of traffic flow, such a solution will help to improve the environmental situation and reduce the background noise in the Naberezhno-Rybalska road.

At last, the statement of Deputy Levchenko that Rybalsky turns into ghetto is openly slanderous. The concept of the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood foresees accessibility of public areas on its territory for all Kyivans: absolutely all of those who wish will be able to walk along the avenue, have rest near the channel, spend time in one of the cafes or restaurants or visit shops on the ground floors.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine business, especially the one in the construction field, is becoming a hostage of political struggle, thus negatively affecting the country`s investment attractiveness. Neither raising Ukraine`s position in the Doing Business rating, nor participation of Ukrainian cities in the MIPIM will help to attract investments in the country, where a basic city-planning document may be abolished by the court judgment.

We are sure that the court of the highest instance will take a fair position with regard to the detailed plan of the territory of the Rybalsky peninsula and will sustain our appeal. The Riverside Development has undertaken obligations to the buyers of the apartments, society and the city to build a new European district in Kyiv, and we will fulfil these obligations. But the detailed plan of the territory between Naberezhno-Rybalska and Elektryliv streets is not only a residential area of ​​RYBALSKY. This is a huge territory, which has the potential to become a new landmark of Kyiv and a model for the renovation of other abandoned industrial district near the water. We hope that populist actions will not restrain the dynamics of the development of the territory.

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