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Purchasing an apartment in RYBALSKY is easy!

Purchasing an apartment in RYBALSKY is easy!
  • calender 06.06.2018

To work keeping pace with the city and have the opportunity to take a break from its crazy dynamics is easy with RYBALSKY. It is a state-of-the-art residential neighbourhood near the water with a developed infrastructure for living and rest: apartments with an optimal layout, closed courtyard, fitted with water space. And what is the most important, reaching the city centre takes only 10 minutes by car.

For that to become a reality, we have elaborated loyal terms for purchasing apartments in the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood. Credit, instalment, special prices and promotional offers – one of the options will definitely suit you. Check out the terms of the offer, and maybe you will soon be planning a great journey to your dream apartment and get acquainted with new neighbours.


Credit: from 4.9% per annum

When purchasing an apartment on credit, we advise taking a super-advantageous offer with a minimum interest rate of 4.9%. The credit is granted for a term of up to 20 years. The terms are valid until July 02, 2018, so do not miss a great opportunity!

As regards the issues of crediting, our partner is the Globus Bank. Jointly with this Bank we have developed other, no less loyal, crediting options applicable on a permanent basis.


Instalment: the first instalment is only 10%

Loyal terms of payment in instalments allow you to purchase an apartment in RYBALSKY, paying only 10% of the first instalment. You can pay the remaining amount within the next 36 months. The offer will be a convenient option for those who want to purchase an apartment near the Dnieper, while prolonging payment for a long term.


Individual discount when purchasing several apartments

For those who want to purchase several real estate objects at once, there are additional bonuses in the form of a personal discount. The discount amount will determine the cost of the apartment and the payment method.


Special prices for selected apartments

If you are aware of the starting price per square meter, but did not make a final decision on purchasing an apartment, you simply have not heard of our special price for the selected apartment. In building No. 3 the price per square meter starts from 29 990 UAH, and in building No. 5 – only 24 990 UAH. The main term for such a favourable price is a limited period of validity.

We invite you to the Sales Department at the following address: 3, 9, Naberezhno-Rybalska Doroha, where you can get more detailed information about all options for purchasing an apartment in the RYBALSKY residential neighbourhood.

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