Лого Жилого района Рыбальский город Киев

Principles of address pointer placement

We use address pointers to navigate in a district. Their design and placement on buildings are developed according to the Rules of address pointers of Kyiv.
According to the city rules, there are two types of pointers:

  • Horizontal with separate name and number – for faсades, which face their “own” street (where their actual address is);
  • Vertical – for faсades, which do not face their “own” street.
Basic principle of address pointers placement in RYBALSKY is that buildings must be identified from any side that you can come to. It is usually 8 points on the corners of the building.

Dark-blue background (RAL 5013) is used to decorate address pointers. Text and elements must be white (RAL 9003). It is recommended to make pointers of metal, covered with silicate enamel, having rectangle shape and rounded corners. These pointers must be developed by the standard ISO 28722:2008:

  • Pointer base: steel (recommended DC04EK EN 10209-2013).
  • Thickness: from 1 to 1,5 mm.
  • Board height: from 15 to 18 mm.
  • Radius of rounded corners: 5 mm.

Bent galvanized brackets are used to install pointers. Brackets are installed inside the sides of a pointer. After brackets installation the pointer is set up and attached to them by M4x8 or M5x10 screws. First floors are designed for commerce and they usually have glass faсade. Therefore, the place to install pointers are the nearest walls to the corners of a building. If nothing interrupts, pointers are set up in the centre of the wall. Horizontal pointers are aligned to the window frame vertically, as well as vertical ones.

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